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Food for Thought: Road Trip Snacks

Natalie Devlin | Nutrition Specialist
/ January 21, 2023
windy road from above

Road trip snacks: on the road and don’t know what to eat? Here are some quick gas station items to pick up for a healthy snack or meal. 

What do most people think of when they hear the words “gas station food”? Candy, fountain pops, treats. Gas stations have improved their selections over the years. Here in Minnesota we have Kwik Trip (it’s Kwik Star for those of you in Illinois). They are like a mini grocery store and have a lot of healthy options. Below is a list of items to look for at gas stations / convenience stores, and hopefully will give you ideas for what to choose come travel time. 

Remember this is more suitable for those on Stepwise or Active Maintenance. While snacking is not recommended on VLCD, members can create a meal with items marked with an asterisk.

Kwik Trip Snacks

  • *Hard boiled eggs
  • *Fresh fruit
  • Beef sticks
  • *Cheese sticks/string cheese
  • Chobani yogurt (look for one with the least amount of sugar)
  • Fruit parfait 
  • *Veggie tray (skip the dressing and add a hummus cup
  • Oh Snap! pickles

Gas Station Snacks

  • RXBAR (not a low sugar food, but minimally processed)
  • *Banana
  • Turkey/beef sticks (look for no sugar added ones such as Chomps)
  • Turkey jerky
  • Beef jerky (look for ones marked “zero sugar,” including all types of biltong, Country Archer Zero Sugar, and Tillamook Zero Sugar)
  • Peanut/almond butter (look for ones with no sugar or oils added)
  • *Almonds (look for unsalted)
  • Greek yogurt (preferably zero added sugar or better yet, unflavored)
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