Enara in the News

One Physician’s Personalized Quest For Better Health

"It was meant as a joke, but it stung. Larry Chu, MD, had just stood up in front of the room at the closing dinner of the first Medicine X conference, a fast-paced, multiday program on emerging technology in medicine for which he is the executive director. He remarked that he hadn’t eaten anything all day. A senior faculty member said, “Really, Larry?..."

New Research Finds Mobile Health Platform Engagement Contributes to Higher Sustained Weight Loss

"Presented at ObesityWeek 2019, the new study, Mobile Engagement Behaviors Associated With Sustained 15% Weight Loss," provides real-world evidence that digital health platforms can play a significant role in combating the obesity epidemic..."

The Physician’s Role in the Fat-Shaming Epidemic

"...But perhaps the biggest problem isn’t the off-hand, ill-advised remarks of talk-show hosts. It’s the lackadaisical approach to obesity being taken by many physicians today. Obesity is one of the most pervasive epidemics that modern medicine has ever encountered, but our response as a medical community thus far has lacked urgency and continues to be fraught with gross mischaracterizations and bias..."

For People with Obesity, Enara Offers Surgical Outcomes Without Surgery

"In just two years, Bailony's integrative approach has already generated impressive results: Enara patients drop, on average, 11% of their body weight. That's double the percentages seen in most "successful" weight loss programs..."


Weight Loss Improves With Prompt Obesity Medication Use

"Obesity continues to be treated as a lifestyle choice by far too many physicians when, in fact, it is a medical condition that must be holistically managed,” Rami Bailony, MD, co-founder and CEO of Enara Health in San Mateo, California, told Endocrine Today. “Our research provides one more piece of the puzzle when it comes to unlocking the complexity of obesity, and it serves as a reminder to physicians that we must work together to destigmatize obesity itself "


First-of-Its-Kind Research Demonstrates Significant Increase in Weight Loss When Medication Is Precisely Incorporated into Management Programs

"According to the findings, the addition of weight loss medication to lifestyle modifications by patients increased the mean percentage reduction in weight at 18 months from 10.8% in non-users to 14.2% in users. In addition, 45.1% of weight loss medication users in the study achieved more than 15% weight loss, versus only 19% of non-users..."

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