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Healthier, More Enduring Obesity Treatment

Enara is building a network of clinics that offer insurance-covered obesity care.
Jill lost 62 pounds / Member since 2019
Weight loss sustained over 2 years in 3000+ members.
Providers and growing.
Of members engage beyond 12 months.

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Learn how we work with providers to bring obesity services to their clinics.

Eligibility and Onboarding

Revenue Cycle Management

Data Driven Care Platform

Virtual Multi-speciality Staffing

Remote Patient Engagement

Program Management & Operations

Data driven results

Scientifically Proven Weight Loss With a Human Touch

Enara’s platform has helped thousands of people achieve greater health outcomes by making it possible for any clinic to deliver best-in-class obesity care.

Who We Serve

Building the Obesity Care Network of the Future


Growing Your Practice with Enara: Obesity Medications

In the daily operation of your clinic, one of the first things you have a patient do is stand on the scale. Why do you regularly check their weight? Simple:...

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