Lettuce Wraps

Recipe Challenge: Lettuce Wraps

Adapted from Spark Recipes

These awesome low-carb, high-protein lettuce wraps make the perfect lunch or dinner meal. They are generously flavorful, light, and best of all: filling! 

The following makes 1 serving (1 lettuce wrap)


-3.5oz of your choice of either lean ground beef or cubed chicken (I used chicken for my recipe)

-1 tbsp minced onion

-1 clove crushed & minced garlic (I used a generous dash of minced garlic seasoning)

-dash of garlic powder

-dash of onion powder

-dash of dried oregano

-fresh cilantro

-dash of cayenne pepper 

-salt & pepper

-romaine hearts (bib lettuce probably works better but I couldn’t find any near me!)


Spray your non-stick pan with olive oil spray (I used TJ’s Organic Extra Virgin Spanish came in helpful here). Cook your choice of might until thoroughly cooked and slightly browned (levels of brown can depend on individual preferences). Once the meat has browned to your liking, it’s time to add your spices – 1 tbsp, 1 tbsp minced onion, 1 clove crushed & minced garlic, a dash of garlic and onion powder, and dried oregano – and a little water. I also added my dashes of salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper powder at this point. Now, let your spices and meat simmer in your pan for 5-10 minutes. Now your meat is seasoned and ready to eat. Prep your lettuce bowls, add a serving of salsa (2 tbsp), and voila – you have your delicious lettuce wraps!

This meal preparation and consumption paired very well with 2 tbsp of Newman’s Own mild salsa (15 calories), a squeeze of lime, and America’s self-titled 1971 album, America.

Nutrition Facts: 158.5 calories, 4.2g fat (2.1g saturated fat), 4.2g carbs (0.7g fiber, 0g sugar), 21.7g protein.

On a personal note: I’m starting to discover that neither I nor my kitchen are very good at aesthetic food pictures, so I’ll stick to Instagram stories.

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