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Reversing Diabetes: An Unexpected Reward

Sheryl H.
/ December 26, 2016
Reversing Diabetes: An Unexpected Reward

At my highest weight ever, I was hospitalized with a serious infection.  Every morning, around 5am, a lab tech would draw blood, and when the results came in, a nurse would ask, “are you diabetic”?  I had never been diagnosed with diabetes so I didn’t know.  “Well, you should see a doctor” s/he would say.  I remember this well because I was asked this question 6 days in a row.

I saw a doctor after being released from the hospital.  My A1c was 7.8, and she confirmed that I had Type 2 Diabetes.

Fast forward 7 years.  I am again in the hospital, but this time for back surgery.  And since I am classified as a diabetic, the nurses check my blood sugar several times a day.  And each time they do it, they ask, “are you sure you are diabetic?”  I smile as I look at the glucometer.  My blood sugar readings are in the 80’s, which are normal, non-diabetic values.

So what happened?  I am now 110 pounds lighter, 80 pounds of that weight loss due to the program I followed from Enara Health.  My A1c is 5.6, which is considered normal.  Thanks to Enara’s healthy eating plan, I reversed my diabetes!

The Enara Health Application Helped Me Reverse My Diabetes

And on day 4 of my hospital stay, a nurse brought some exciting news.  She received permission to stop testing my blood sugar!  No more finger sticks for me.  This was an unexpected but much appreciated reward – I hate needles!

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