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Weighing Your Self Daily

Enara Staff
/ November 14, 2016
Weighing Your Self Daily

If You Weigh Yourself Daily You Will Lose Double The Weight!

People who weigh themselves daily lose 13.5 pounds more than people who weigh themselves less than 7 days a week. That is over double the weight loss. It is true that weighing yourself daily can be anxiety provoking but avoiding the scale can have huge consequences. Would you drive you car a week without looking at the fuel gage? We recommend using a scale as a reminder of your goals rather than seeing it as a judge. Remember- everyday is not going to be perfect and that’s ok!

People Stop Weighing Themselves After They Lose Weight

research study shows that when people hit their goals- they start ignoring the scale! We see this all the time. The problem is that maintaining your weight is way harder than losing weight. Don’t let your guard down because…

Weighing Yourself Daily Is The Best Way to Maintain Your Weight

People who weigh themselves daily have very little fluctuations in their weight. So if you want to keep it off, don’t skip the scale!

Weighing Yourself Daily Triggers Healthy Behaviors!

The likely reason why weighing yourself daily matters is that people who weigh themslves daily also report greater adoption of weight control behaviors. Even weighing 5 days per week instead of 7 leads to a decrease in healthy behaviors.  This suggests that daily weighing may trigger your brain to be more mindful for the day.

The Enara Recommendations

  1. Weigh yourself daily (at least 3x/week) unless it is very anxiety provoking or adding stress to your day.
  2. The number on scale does not tell the whole story, especially if your trying to build muscle.
  3. Your weight does not say anything about who you are as a person.


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