Custom plans based on your individual needs.

The Enara program makes sustainable weight loss possible—by helping you make lifestyle changes that matter.

It’s not rocket science. But it is backed by hard science.


We design a plan that works for you.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss.


Start to see some pretty amazing results.

Put your plan into practice with the help of your nutrition and exercise coaches.


We help you keep the weight off, for good.

We know it gets harder, not easier to keep weight off. That's where we come in.

Custom-Made One Member at a Time

When you join Enara, we start with understanding all the specific factors that influence your weight. Together, you and your medical provider will build a personalized plan from scratch.


Emotional Health

You and your provider will dive into critical factors that can influence weight, like your medical history, lifestyle, metabolism, and emotions.


Personalized Diet

You and your dietician will design a diet based on your needs. For some, rapid weight loss is the way to go. For others, a gradual approach is best.


Precision Genetic Testing

By digging in deep and getting to know your genetic makeup, we can build a completely personalized plan which we can optimize over time.


Medication Review

It’s important to factor in any medications you might currently be taking—in order to develop a weight-loss regimen that works.


Metabolic + Hormonal

Your provider will recommend a full metabolic and hormonal panel to better understand how your body processes food.

exercise plan

Custom Exercise Plan

Our exercise trainers use data-proven methods to find the perfect balance of cardio and resistance training while ensuring safe workout routines.


Staying Engaged

Use the Enara app to keep tabs on your progress and stay connected with your team. We’re with you every step of the journey, cheering you on.


Resetting Your
Weight Set Point

Which is a fancy way of saying that we choose different treatments at different times in order to retrain your body in how it thinks about food.

What does it cost?


With Insurance



* Includes $800 co-pay/deductible credit

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Testing Locations

California | 3050 S Delaware St. Ste 130, San Mateo, CA 94403

California | 328 Highland Ave #200, El Cajon, CA 92020

California | 429 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Texas | 1401 Lavaca st. #813
Austin, TX 78701 (Telehealth Appointments Only)

Minnesota | 1230 E Main St, Mankato, MN 56001

Illinois | 16501 106th Court
Orland Park, Illinois 60467

*Actual results may vary. Research studies show that Enara members on average lose and maintain 14% weight loss at 18 months.