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Food and Nutrition

Grocery Spotlight: Fresh Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

Enara Staff
/ July 27, 2018

Struggling to find a convenient protein to throw on a lunch salad? When meal prep for the week fell through the cracks, look no further than these pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs from Trader Joe’s. We love the simple ingredient list (just eggs, no chemicals). These are great as a salad protein, in egg salad, or on their own as a quick breakfast on-the-go.

Aside from the convenience factor, eggs have a lot to offer nutritionally. They are a fantastic source of high-quality protein, as well as vitamins and minerals. They also contain a compound called choline, which is important for brain health. Concerned about cholesterol? In the past, eggs have suffered a bad reputation for their cholesterol content, but the medical and nutrition world has since changed its tune due to the conclusion that dietary plays a smaller role in blood cholesterol than originally thought. For the majority of the population, eggs are safe (and even recommended!) for regular consumption. So head on over to Trader Joe’s and stock up on this convenient, nutritious dietary staple.


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