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Food Diary: A Week With Health Coach Stefania

Stefania Maurtua | Nutrition Specialist
/ December 2, 2021
Food Diary: A Week With Health Coach Nick

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this post contains content that some readers may find triggering. This is not intended to be dietary advice. Anything written here is not necessarily appropriate for the Enara program you are on or consistent with your particular goals. 

Hello! I’m excited to share what I ate last week. This was not a typical week, it was Thanksgiving week so I had two days off work. Besides that, I’m now 12 weeks pregnant! This is my first pregnancy so I’m learning what I can eat and what I can’t, this is definitely a crazy experience. I can’t wait to start my second trimester and hopefully eat what I usually do. Until then, I’m eating what my body feels like eating!

Monday 11/22

I usually start my days slowly, I wake up at around 5:30 am, check my emails in bed and it’s not until 8 am that I go to the kitchen to make breakfast. Today I wake up craving something sweet, so I decide to cook some oats with apples, cinnamon, chia seeds, raisins and pecans. For me, this is like a dessert. After breakfast I organize my house and then take a 50 minute barre class, it’s great. Then I take a shower a prepare myself for a busy morning with patients. I don’t usually snack, but this time I take a small bowl of pineapple to my office, just in case I get hungry. At around 2 pm I have time for lunch, so I heat quinoa and some ground turkey with tomatoes that I have from last week. I eat a different version of “arroz tapado” (covered rice), this is a Peruvian dish, it’s usually made with a layer of rice, then meat and another layer of rice. In this case I change the rice for quinoa and the meat for ground turkey. I also add one hard boiled egg. Then I go back to work. At around 6, my husband gets home so we relax a little bit and then share a delicious shrimp salad (lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, parmesan cheese, hard boiled eggs and shrimp) with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I always drink around 2 liters of water per day.


Tuesday 11/23

On Tuesdays I take it slow. I start working in the afternoon until 9 pm, so I take advantage of my morning to relax and then do all the house chores (laundry, cleaning, organizing). I have some leftover oats for breakfast. Then I do a 20 minute ride on my Peloton bike and 10 min core exercises. Do all the house chores, take a shower and then it’s time for lunch! I have some rice with a little bit of Peruvian corn, a simple salad and grilled mahi-mahi. Then I start working, I take a jar with warm tea (it’s cold in Buffalo). I have time for a quick dinner between appointments, so I sauté some green beans with onions and boiled a couple of eggs. Easy, simple and tasty! 


Wednesday 11/24

I wake up early, have a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich with queso fresco and a pear.

I don’t feeling like exercising, so I skip my training today. For lunch I cook a modified version of a Peruvian dish called “Locro”. It has squash, carrots, peas, queso fresco, almond milk and one egg. This is the kind of meal that makes me feel good! It’s warm and creamy and delicious. I start appointments after lunch and then, after being seated for most of the day, I decide to go for a walk. I go for a 3 mile walk around my neighborhood. Back home I am really hungry, I have some zucchini, mushrooms and avocado. I sauté some chicken and that’s it, a very simple but satisfying dinner. 


Thursday 11/25

I wake up later and have oatmeal with raisins and pecans for breakfast. I spend the morning relaxing and watching a movie. We were planning on celebrating Thanksgiving (we don’t usually celebrate), but we have a problem with our big oven, so no Turkey this time :(. Instead, I decide to make a zucchini lasagna which I can bake in the small oven. I slice some zucchini, chop tomatoes and start working on the lasagna. I also add mozzarella cheese. It’s very good! We also have a piece of pecan pie as dessert. Because we have a late lunch, for dinner we have a simple salad. 


Friday 11/26

I have a couple of toasts with cottage cheese and an orange for breakfast. I take a 50 minute barre class and then go for a short walk. After that, I organize my kitchen, plan the menu for next week and go grocery shopping. I like to organize the menu first, that way I don’t buy things that I will end not using. When I get back home, I grill some mahi-mahi and eat the same lunch I had a couple of days before, fish, rice and a salad. For dinner I have a simple salad with an egg and some mozzarella cheese. 


Saturday 11/27

Ok, so I couple of days ago was our 4th year anniversary, but we both forgot!! So we decide to have a late “celebration.” I am craving sushi, so we go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Because I can’t eat raw fish, I need to change what I usually order, it’s very good but I still miss eating sashimi. After lunch we go to a couple of stores to buy some things we are missing at the house. Later that day I am exhausted, my husband makes me a grilled cheese sandwich with turkey breast and that’s it.

Sunday 11/28

I make a cheese sandwich with sourdough bread and queso fresco and one orange. After breakfast I organize my house a little bit and then I exercise. I do a 30 minute ride on my bike, it’s intense! I definitely don’t have the same energy I had before. After that I complete a 10 minute prenatal core workout, also from Peloton. After exercising I feel extremely energized, so I take advantage of that and organize my house (my husband and I moved a couple of months ago and are remodeling, I feel like this is never going to end!). Then I take a shower, relax and start preparing lunch. I usually enjoy cooking, but with my smell sense being stronger, everything has changed. I take advantage of the days that I’m feeling good and meal prep for at least a couple of days. Today I prepare a chicken stew with tomatoes, carrots and peas. I also cook some rice and lentils. My husband doesn’t eat lentils, so I know I will be eating a lot of it next week or maybe freezing it in individual containers. Today I am craving a simple but delicious (for me!) meal, lentils with tomatoes and avocado with a homemade dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard). My husband gets home after lunch and we hang out for a while. Usually at around 4 pm I get extremely tired so I take a nap (2 hour nap!!). When I wake up I am hungry so I go to the kitchen to see what there is, I don’t feeling like cooking. Last week I made quinoa, so I make an omelette with peppers, tomatoes and edamame with a side of quinoa.

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