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Grocery Spotlight: Souper Cubes

With winter approaching, you may soon transition from prepping salads to cooking batches of soups and stews! Let’s face it — cooking dinner each day sounds great, but is time consuming. These Souper Cubes make meal planning a whole lot easier. Want to have chili for the rest of the week, but don’t have enough containers to portion it out? Have a bone broth recipe you’d like to make in bulk, but don’t want to drink it every day for the next month? Souper Cubes to the rescue! These silicone trays come in ½ cup, 1 cup, and 2 cup sizes. The ½ cup size has 6 compartments per tray, 1 cup size has 4 per tray, and the 2 cup size has 2 per tray. All sizes come with halfway marks in each compartment, making portion control super easy. Simply fill your trays, cover, and freeze. Once frozen, the slots can be popped out one at a time — you can use your tray again the next day if you transfer the previous cubes into a freezer safe bag for storage.

Besides soups and stews, you can freeze veggies, sauces, cooked grains, and more. The trays themselves are even oven-safe up to 415° F. Because the rim is enforced with stainless steel, and the material is made of high quality silicone, these trays are durable. We think they’re worth the splurge!

Here are some recipes to make in batches, then freeze into cubes!

Stephanie’s note:

When I saw that the 1 cup Souper Cubes come in a fun sprinkle edition, I had to try them out! Lately I’ve been craving chicken soup, so I made a big batch similar to this recipe. I scooped chicken and veggies into this tray, then topped the compartments with broth to the 1 cup mark. They froze beautifully! I can’t wait to try them with more dishes.

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