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Finally, a sustainable approach to weight loss designed to get you off the diet roller coaster-for good.

For Members

You will be matched with a Medical Provider, Nutrition Specialist, and Exercise Specialist. You may also have access to psychologists.

Enara is a medical weight loss program for adults with a BMI greater than 25. Patients with a Medicare or Medi-cal insurance plan must have a BMI greater than 30.
We are in-network with most PPO insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, United Healthcare, and many more. Our program is also covered by Medicare. Insurance providers may vary per location.
Most of our Members pay $99 a month for their Enara Membership. This also includes an $800 co-pay/deductible credit to apply towards your provider visits (which are covered by your insurance.) We first check your insurance before providing you with exact pricing.
The average member can expect to lose around 15% of their body weight. Results may vary. Stats based on a study from 2018.
Our program is offered virtually through the Enara App which enables virtual visits with your provider team. If you live near one of our partner clinics, you may come in person for your diagnostic tests and periodic check-ins to measure your progress.
Our team focuses on whole, real foods to help our Members create sustainable food choices. We offer a library of recipes that Members can refer back to for years to come. We take a holistic and tailored approach to nutrition, creating a plan that works well for each Member’s dietary needs, allergies, preferences and lifestyle.
Each exercise plan is created based on your goal, experience with exercise, likes and dislikes, as well as any limitations you may have. These plans change as you progress through your fitness journey.
The Enara program is a one-year commitment to create sustainable healthy lifestyle changes. Patients are welcome to continue on with us after the first year to receive continued support. Some of our patients have been with us for 5 years now!
We offer a 30-day cancellation period to try out the program and make sure it is the right time and fit for you. Should you decide the program is not a fit during your first 30 days, an early termination fee will not apply. You can direct your request to our Billing and Member Services teams, who can assist you should you need to cancel your program.
Users start to see results around the 30-60 day mark, but everyone is different and you should not be discouraged if it takes a little longer.
As part of our holistic approach, our providers may prescribe medications to aid in weight loss and the management of other health conditions. All of the medications prescribed are FDA-approved and are only prescribed with a patient’s consent.

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