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Join a connected data driven health network and help reverse the obesity epidemic.

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Why Join Enara

Reverse the obesity epidemic by revolutionizing how healthcare deals with weight loss.

Outstanding Clinical Outcomes

Take the lead on providing evidence-based, judgment-free obesity care that keeps people healthy.


We take time to understand your practice’s unique workflows and integrate them seamlessly.

Expert Clinical Network

Enara helps you virtually staff your program with world-class talent. Our care teams include physicians, advanced practitioners, dietitians, exercise specialists, and psychologists.

Consistent Revenue Stream

Our proprietary eligibility engine allows us to analyze your insurance contracts to ensure program profitability.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Nobody knows the benefits of being part of a network like our current partners. Discover how Enara enables clinics and health systems to deliver life-changing obesity and cardiometabolic care.

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Clinic Outcomes

Weight loss sustained over 2 years in 3000+ members.
Of revenue per 1000 patients treated annually.
Average net promoter score from members.

Network Benefits

Joining the Enara network will give your clinic access to world-class experts in weight loss and obesity management.


An insurance eligibility funnel based on your insurance contracts.

Revenue Cycle Management

Coding, Denial Analysis, and Patient Collections.

Data Driven Care Platform

Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavioral Protocols that deliver 15-19% weight loss at 3 years.

Virtual Multispeciality Staffing

Access to world-class obesity physicians, physician assistants, dietitians, and exercise coaches.

Remote Patient Engagement

A mobile app that engages patients for an average of 22 months.

Program Management and Operations

Obesity Medication Protocols and clinical workflow automation.


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Join Our Network

Be part of growing network that is tackling the obesity network.

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