Grocery Spotlight: Fancy Berry Medley

We know this may seem like a basic grocery pick, but we assure you that it is anything but basic.

During shelter in place, the biggest obstacle to stocking our kitchens and reducing grocery visits are fresh fruits and vegetables. They don’t last too long at peak freshness when fresh, and it can be hard to find at affordable prices when not in season. This is why frozen produce can be so helpful in times like these and beyond.

This particular medley is great because it is a low-priced pack of typically expensive berries: blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Have you ever tried to eat a frozen strawberry!? Impossible. These are all small berries, which will start to thaw pretty quickly and are very mixable. We love to use these in yogurt, in oatmeal (if you like a runny berry) or even microwaved as a healthy compote on top of a VLCD pancake. They are also delicious as a healthy dessert for a hot summer day or added to water for an infused drink. We always keep these in the freezer as a back-up to the fresh kind, and even prefer them in some cases. Enjoy! 

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