Ideas for Incorporating Daily Movement

Daniela Santacruz | Exercise Specialist
/ September 13, 2023
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Learn how simple changes to your routine can make a big difference. Start prioritizing your well-being today by incorporating daily movement!

Humans are creatures of habit and making a change to your daily routine can seem almost impossible. Nevertheless, achieving lifestyle changes is feasible with persistent effort and commitment. In a day filled with 24 hours, numerous opportunities for physical activity exist. Take a moment to review the following breakdown when you start doubting the significance of NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

  • Most of us spend around 8 hours sleeping which amounts to about 33% of our entire day.
  • If you maintain a consistent 1-hour exercise regimen, it only constitutes 4% of your day.
  • This leaves you with 15 hours, which accounts for 63% of your day, and extended periods of sitting can have adverse effects on your health. Even if you’re engaged in work for 8-12 hours, it’s essential to prioritize taking breaks to stand up, move, or stretch for at least 5 minutes every hour.

If you find it challenging to establish a regular exercise routine, consider beginning by introducing more movement, such as NEAT. Even if you already maintain a consistent exercise routine but spend a significant portion of your day sitting, it remains crucial to integrate more movement into your daily activities.

  1. Unless you already struggle with staying hydrated, try to get up more consistently to get glasses of water instead of keeping a water bottle nearby.
  2. Use the farthest bathroom from your desk in order to get in more steps.
  3. Park in the farthest parking spot anywhere you go.
  4. Take the stairs going up whenever possible.
  5. If the location you’re going is within walking distance, take the walk instead of driving.
  6. Hand wash your car instead of taking it to the car wash.
  7. Get up during commercial breaks and move around instead of sitting while your show starts again.
  8. Play hide and seek or tag with your children instead of partaking in sedentary activities. 
  9. While talking on the phone, pace around instead of sitting.
  10. Try commuting to work if possible instead of driving, and get off 1 or 2 stops earlier.

The possibilities are endless, the choice is yours on how you will spend the remaining 15 hours of your day.

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