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Healthy, Delivered: Top Meal Delivery Options in Phoenix, AZ

Susan Musal, NP | Medical Provider
/ May 3, 2023
Meal Delivery Options in Phoenix | Eat Clean Phx BBQ Chicken Bowl

Interested in exploring meal delivery and want to support local businesses? Locally owned and operated services are indeed available! Check out two of our favorite meal delivery options in Phoenix.

Meal delivery programs can be a convenient way to plan for your weekly meals. They come with associated costs, but the convenience factor for meal delivery provides a value to the busy consumer. Additionally, calorie content and nutritional information must be considered when deciding which service is best for your needs. Eating out can be expensive, and often calorie and nutrition labels are not available — one often ends up consuming more calories, saturated fat, and added sugar than are recommended for good health. With a meal delivery program the nutrient content is generally available and the portions are often reasonable and controlled. These factors can add to the value of meal delivery for the individual not interested in cooking and prepping meals.

Meal Delivery Options in Phoenix

Eat Clean Phx

Eat Clean Phx offers delivery in the Phoenix Valley area as well as a grab-and-go option out of their Scottsdale location (13901 N 73rd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85260). The company launched >5 years ago by Ryan Powell and has a regular following in the area. It is not a subscription service; rather orders are placed as needed. Once a customer is established, delivery can occur within the week for orders placed online or via their app by Sunday. Delivery days are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The food is delivered fully cooked in microwave-safe containers, and is refrigerator-safe for 7 days. The menu lists the macronutrient breakdown of meals and rotates weekly on Sundays.

AZ Taste Buds

AZ Taste Buds is another local option for the Phoenix area. Having been in business for 8 years, they cater to many health-conscious customers. There are delivery and pickup options, as well as subscription and individual meal options available. They have pickup sites on both the East and West sides. The meals come fully cooked and are refrigerator-safe for 1 week.

There are menu options for breakfast through dinner. Nutrition content is displayed on the menu.

Other Meal Delivery Options

There are several national programs available that make convenient options. Read Enara’s review of the top meal delivery services here. Options range in levels of preparedness: some come fully cooked (just heat and eat), and some require prep and cooking. Prices can vary greatly depending on your desires and needs. Most plans are priced per meal and have a delivery cost added. Often new customers can find trial offers at a discounted rate to test programs.

SInce every person’s needs vary for food preparation and convenience, meal delivery is one more choice when considering your daily or weekly meal needs. Bon appétit!

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