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Grocery Spotlight: The Battle of the Avocado Products

Enara Staff
/ July 26, 2019
avocado dips

On the left, an oldie but goodie: A lower fat guacamole that uses yogurt to reduce the calories but not the taste, clocking in around 30 calories per 2 tbsp (vs 45 calories for traditional guac). On the right, Trader Joe’s new Avocado Tzatziki Dip. 

avocado dip ingredients

Both products have roughly the same ingredients: avocado, yogurt, citrus. One with a more traditional Mexican profile, the other with more of a Mediterranean flair. Both have about the same amount of calories, protein, and fat and short shelf lives. Both can be a great lower calorie, higher flavor addition to your VLCD as a fat, or to your Stepwise plan as a healthy snack paired with some vegetables. So it truly all comes down to flavor. Which one would you crown as the winner?

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