Chomps Turkey Sticks

Grocery Spotlight: Chomps Turkey Sticks

Chomps turkey sticks are a satisfying, portable snack option. Each stick contains 10g protein 0 carbs, 60 calories, no nitrites, nitrates or fillers. Beef and venison options are also available but they do contain slightly less protein and more fat and calories. 

Chomps are perfect for after a workout or between meals if dinner feels too far away, and are excellent to bring along while traveling – no refrigeration required. Many people ask me what they should bring on a long flight – this is a fantastic option. 

As more people are leaning toward plant based options due to concerns over the environment and animal welfare, I appreciate this company’s integrity in mindfully sourcing their products. See their website for more info. Chomps sticks are available everywhere from Trader Joes, Krogers, Safeway, Walmart, Whole Foods and online sites such as Amazon.

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