Hearts of Palm Pasta

Grocery Spotlight: TJ’s Hearts of Palm Pasta

We tried Trader Joe's low carb pasta alternative - here's what we think!

In the never-ending quest to find healthier alternatives to pasta, we were excited to see the new(ish) Hearts of Palm Pasta at our fav store. Hearts of palm are a veggie harvested from the core of palm trees. The flavor is similar to that of artichokes but mostly has a neutral, mild taste that makes a good base for flavorful sauces. This “pasta” boosts just 20 calories per serving (60 calories for the whole package) with 2g fiber and 4g carbohydrate. Makes for a great option if you are going for a lower carb approach or looking to increase the veggies in your diet.

More importantly though, how does it taste? To test it out, I made a quick tomato sauce by sauteing a small onion and some garlic in a nonstick skillet with some cooking spray. Once softened, I added a can of diced tomatoes and TJ’s chicken sausages for some protein. Then I tossed in the pasta, cooked everything for about 5 minutes, and tada! a healthy, delicious meal in less than 20 minutes. The pasta had a nice al dente texture that was much more similar to real noodles then other veggie pastas, and made a good blank slate that let the sauce really shine. Bon appetit!

Trader Joe's Hearts of Palm Pasta

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