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The New York Times Spotlights Enara Health Patient’s Weight Loss Success

Enara Staff
/ October 15, 2020

Here at Enara Health, we’ve seen a number of patients triumph in their weight loss journeys, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Changes to daily routines, activity levels and sleep schedules—not to mention added stress—can lead to changes in appetite and energy. This can in turn lead to weight gain and all its associated health challenges. But here at Enara Health, we have been helping clients change this narrative by identifying these factors and tackling them. 

We were incredibly gratified to be featured in a fantastic piece by The New York Times this week. It took an in-depth look at weight loss success in the pandemic. Included was the phenomenal success of Enara Health patient Randy Garcia. He has lost 104 pounds since July 2019 with the help of Enara, including a significant amount during these past months of lockdown. 

We’re proud of Randy and all of our patients who continue to persist on their weight loss journeys in these challenging times. We’re all in this together. We look forward to continuing to support more success stories like these in the months and years to time. 

Check out the full NY Times piece here!

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