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Millions of people try to lose weight daily through exercise, diet, and supplements. They aim to improve their fitness, well-being, appearance, self-esteem, etc. This is an expected trend given obesity cases are on the rise — over 42% of people aged 20 and above have obesity in the US.

Unfortunately, some people struggle with weight loss, with little to no results from dietary changes and exercises. This has made prescription weight-loss drugs their ideal option, as they can lead to significant weight loss within a year.

As a doctor, providing patients with a sustainable and trackable approach to weight loss is essential. This is where online prescription weight loss programs come in handy. They allow patients to stay on top of their prescriptions while providing feedback to ensure success.

Benefits of Online Prescription for Weight Loss

The growth of telemedicine and telehealth has improved accessibility to quality health care. Patients can schedule virtual visits, engage with their doctors online, and get prescriptions. In 2021, 37% of US adults used telemedicine for different cases, signifying the value of telehealth.

Online prescriptions for weight loss simplify the experience for patients. They don’t need physical visits to a pharmacy or clinic to get a refill, saving time for those with busy schedules. It’s also flexible for disabled people or older adults that find it hard to visit a pharmacy.

More importantly, online prescription makes it easy to track prescriptions, and some services notify patients when their refill is almost due. This efficiency allows patients to focus on other elements that support their weight loss effort, such as diet and exercise.

Enara Health – Best Online Prescription and Consultation Service for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for virtual weight loss programs for your patients, Enara Health provides a great platform. Whether they aim to lose weight, feel stronger, manage diabetes, or develop healthy habits, Enara provides a sustainable approach to weight loss management.

Enara takes a holistic approach to weight loss and prescribes medications to support patients’ efforts if needed. The service offers an online account and a mobile app to help your patients manage their prescriptions and consultations. All medicines are FDA-approved.

As a doctor, we make things easier for you by creating a custom weight loss plan for optimal results. Our medical providers work with you to ensure your patients are prescribed and use the proper medications. Our nutrition and exercise specialists also help to customize the perfect weight loss program for them.

We make this easy through virtual consultations. Once patients join our program, they get a customized plan with a care team of Medical Providers, Nutrition Specialists and Exercise Specialists. Patients will also have access to group classes and Behavioral Health support.

This approach makes sustainable weight loss possible, and we leverage data-proven methods to ensure an outstanding balance of medication, diet, and exercise. Plus, your patients can track everything in their app or account to stay committed to the program.

Pros and Cons of Online Prescription Weight Loss Programs

When considering telemedicine weight loss programs for your patients, it’s vital to understand the pros and cons to determine whether it will work for you.


Online prescription simplifies refills, and this is convenient for disabled people, older adults, and those who live far from pharmacies. Plus, it saves time — patients only spend minutes ordering drugs online. The shipping cost is also likely to be cheaper than visiting a pharmacy.

More importantly, it ensures privacy and confidentiality — patients don’t need to interact with different doctors and pharmacists every time they need a refill.


On the cons, online prescription lacks physical evaluation capability, which can help assess a patient’s weight loss progress. It’s also crucial if your patient has side effects that you need to examine. While it offers privacy, it has a high risk of data leaks in case of a hack.

The lack of face-to-face interactions can also be limiting, especially when patients need assurance and human experiences.

The most significant benefit of online prescriptions is convenience — the ability to order drugs and interact with doctors online delivers an excellent patient experience. While it lacks personability, working with medical providers and online services can enhance the patient experience.

Simply The Weight Loss with Online Prescriptions

Technology offers different benefits to every industry, including healthcare. The ability to order medications online and schedule online weight loss consultations improves access to health care. Plus, patients can join web-based weight management programs to keep track of their goals.

The truth is patients don’t need to pay physical visits to a doctor every time. Online prescriptions simplify things for them with app-based weight loss support, allowing them to focus on their goals. With virtual services, patients can save costs and time while still accessing quality services from home.

At Enara Health, we make it easy for doctors to provide obesity care to their patients and monitor their progress. Our program allows your patients to access online prescriptions, stay on top of their weight loss goals, and manage lab tests online.

It also gives patients access to professional specialists and impactful resources like personalized diet and exercise plans for effective weight loss management. Contact us today to learn how Enara Health can help your clinic offer online prescription services to patients!

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