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Rockstar of the Month: December 2021

Enara Staff
/ December 17, 2021
Rockstar of the Month: December 2021

Meet Liz, our December Rockstar who has lost over 23% of her starting weight!

I have been overweight for all of my life (at least since I was 10) so when I started to think about retirement and the health issues with getting older I really needed to make some changes. I have tried every diet on the planet and they would work for a while and then my willpower would fail and I would get despondent and see the pounds going back on. Sometimes more even than I had lost.

I started to get more and more depressed and went to my doctor to see if she could help. She referred me to Enara and it’s been the best thing I ever did. It’s not a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle change and with the encouragement of Rebecca and then Andrea I learned to modify my eating, add simple, regular walking to my day and also to give myself a break if I wasn’t perfect. 

I love the plate method and with the help of farro, I’ve even managed to enjoy my roasted vegetables. During this weight loss journey I have been able to spend 6 weeks in Europe, enjoying the food in moderation and still maintain my weight loss. There have been periods when I’ve plateaued but a few weeks on VLCD has moved things down again.

I think I’m nearly where I need to be, I’m much more energetic and able to run around after my grandson. If I lose a few more points that’s fine, if not that’s fine too, I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and confident that I have the skills necessary to make good decisions. Thank you Enara!



Liz has lost over 23% of her starting weight:



Liz decreased her inflammation by 60%:

  • C-reactive protein (CRP) is a protein that increases in the blood with inflammation
  • A high-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) test may be used to help evaluate an individual for cardiovascular disease risk
  • Low risk: less than 1.0 mg/L, average risk: 1.0 to 3.0 mg/L, high risk: above 3.0 mg/L
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