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Rockstar of The Month – November 2017 –

Enara Staff
/ December 5, 2017
Rockstar of The Month – November 2017 –

Ask anyone who has struggled with weight issues, and you’ll hear:  it’s much much easier to lose weight, than to keep it off. I can certainly attest to that!  My first major weight loss occurred in college, where I lost 70 pounds and managed to keep it off for 3 years.  But then I gained it all back plus a whole lot more! A brush with mortality (type 2 diabetes, cancer) at my highest weight ever (298 lbs) scared me into another weight loss sprint.  But after losing 80 lbs, I hit a plateau, and then regained 52 lbs. Just when I thought bariatric surgery was the only way forward, I found Enara Health. By following their gradual weight loss program, then the VLCD, I was able to lose 80 lbs.

And I lived happily ever afterwards, correct? Sorry, that would be a fairy tale!

Over time, all the good behaviors I learned from Enara started to fade, and stresses at home and from projects and events became overwhelming. I stopped taking care of myself, and stopped going to my maintenance appointments with Enara Health. (My bad!)

Food has always been a source of emotional comfort to me, and the comforting began.  I noticed that the weight on my scale started to creep upwards. A pound, then two, then before I knew it, 10 lbs had returned. Oh no, not again!

It was time to return to Enara. I recommitted to healthy habits, and began another round of the VLCD program in August. Added strength and dance classes to my existing exercise routine of aqua aerobics. I lost 32 lbs in 90 days to reach a total of 102 lbs lost with Enara Health!

With this weight loss, my chronic medical conditions continue to disappear. My allergist dismissed me — I no longer need to see him because my asthma has cleared.  And my sleep apnea doctor said I can see him every two years now since I am doing so well.

Maintaining weight loss requires continuous attention, and I shall be forever grateful to Susan and Dr. Bailony and the wonderful team at Enara Health for helping me get healthy (again)!  They’re simply the best!

Weight Loss progress:
Sheryl was able to lose 102 Lbs (38% of her weight) over 2.5 years.

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Reversed her Type-2 Diabetes:

  • Hemoglobin A1c measures the percentage of your blood hemoglobin that is coated with glucose (sugar). This test reflects your average blood sugar level for the past 2-3 months.
  • A level less than 5.7 is normal, and a level between 5.7 and 6.4 indicates pre-diabetes. A Hg A1c level of 6.5 percent or higher indicates Type 2 Diabetes.

Progress in HS (hypersensitive) CRP: 82%

  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (HS-CRP) is a protein that increases in the blood with inflammation.
  • HS-CRP test may be used to help evaluate an individual for cardiovascular disease risk.
  • While less than 1.0 mg/L is considered low risk, average risk: 1.0 to 3.0 mg/L, and high risk: above 3.0 mg/L.

Triglycerides Progress: 58%

  • Fatty foods and carbohydrates that we eat are broken down into globs of fat called triglycerides.
  • High levels increase your risk for heart disease, stroke, and nerve damage.
  • Excess glucose in the blood can be used to make triglycerides, which is why people with insulin sensitivity, prediabetes, or Diabetes often also have elevated triglycerides.
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