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Rockstar of the Month: December 2019

Enara Staff
/ December 19, 2019

Three years ago, as my 50th birthday was approaching, I was about as overweight and unhappy as I had ever been. I knew I needed to do something about it and not just because I was overweight and unhappy. I had back and joint issues, as well as other health problems that my weight negatively affected. 

I had looked at other weight loss programs over the years but rejected them for a variety of reasons. I believed I would regain the weight on a liquid VLCD diet when I started eating regular food again, or the programs didn’t fit well with my life so weren’t doable. Then I noticed some colleagues in my office having success at their weight loss and asked questions. They told me about Enara Health. 

After researching the programs that Enara offered, I felt that I could commit to the VLCD program and achieve my weight loss goals. Initially I had intended to do the 90-day VLCD program, with a hope of losing 25 lbs. Six months later I had lost 60 lbs and achieved a complete metabolic reset. 

It has been over three years since my initial weight loss, and while I have taken a few holidays over the years and gained a few of the pounds back, I have done the program twice more for a total of 70 lbs lost and kept the weight off! I am so grateful to Dr. Bailony for this program and his support in helping me achieve success in losing weight, gaining better health and maintaining the results!

Liz lost 26% of her body weight:


Liz’s LDL Cholesterol:

  • LDL is the bad cholesterol.
  • It collects in the walls of blood vessels leading to atherosclerosis which put you at greater risk for a heart attack or stroke.
  • The goal for people with one other risk factor for heart disease (e.g. increased BMI, high blood pressure, diabetes, family history) is an LDL level under 100.

Liz’s Hemoglobin A1c:

  • Hemoglobin A1c measures the percentage of your blood hemoglobin that is coated with glucose (sugar). This test reflects your average blood sugar level for the past 2-3 months.
  • A level less than 5.7 is normal, and a level between 5.7 and 6.4 indicates pre-diabetes. A Hg A1c level of 6.5 percent or higher indicates Type 2 Diabetes
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