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Rockstar of the Month: April 2023

Enara Staff
/ April 7, 2023
April rockstar of the month transformation

Meet Debbie! She joined the “COVID-30 club” but is living her best life now, after having lost 17.5% of her weight!


Like so many others, I joined the COVID-30 club. Those extra 30 pounds just sort of crept up on me. As you know, for months we couldn’t go to our exercise classes, the gym, the tennis courts, or anywhere. The sedentary life did me no favors, and at 5’0” a few pounds created a significant change to my body. I was a completely different person, not to mention an additional 2 or 3 sizes up. I was drinking a rum and diet coke (or two) every evening while watching the news, and that really didn’t help my situation one bit! After a time, I was miserable. 

Like most of you, I had tried every diet on the market with very little long-term success. I didn’t want any more diets that provided mandatory boxed food, bars, or shakes as I found that I lost more muscle than fat on those food plans. I wanted something different, like a miracle! So, I searched the internet and found Enara. It had all of the ingredients I was looking for to create a new lifestyle.

Losing Weight With Enara

I loved the recipes in the VLCD program and tried to stick with the plan as closely as possible. In addition, I completely gave up all forms of alcohol. Believe it or not, I had lost the taste for it! After a month of only eating the suggested food in the VLCD plan, I had only lost a few pounds. Fortunately, I had a very positive Nutrition Specialist, Medical Provider, and Exercise Specialist that I could speak to on a regular basis who kept me encouraged. I think the combination of tenacity along with the support of my Enara providers were a recipe for success for me. It took me two long years to lose 30 pounds. I fought fiercely for each additional pound. All I can say is I was not going to give up.

Active Maintenance

Once I transitioned to Active Maintenance, the information from the In-Body measurements convinced me that I needed to build up my muscle percentage and lose more of that annoying fat. I am 63 years old and come from a family who suffers from severe obesity (I hope my mother doesn’t read this – ha). So, age and genetics were my go-to blames for giving up. My relatives have had so much trouble keeping off weight that I thought I was doomed from the start. But I decided to fight those thoughts and try anyway.

I am maintaining and am much happier. It is worth the struggle. I do slip in a milkshake or pizza now and then, but my exercise and eating habits the rest of the time keep me within a comfortable range. You can do it! Be tenacious and fierce!

Debbie Before & Now

Rockstar Debbie: Losing the COVID-30
Left: September 2021. Right: July 2022.

Debbie has lost about 26 lbs, or 17.5% of her starting weight! 

Starting BMI: 29 kg/m2. Current BMI: 23 kg/m2.

Debbie’s Percent Body Fat

PBF (Percent Body Fat) is the percentage of your body that is made up of fat. Everything else is usually referred to as “lean tissue.” This gives a more accurate representation of health, fitness and leanness.

Debbie reduced her LDL by ~10%

  • LDL is “bad” cholesterol.
  • It collects in the walls of blood vessels leading to atherosclerosis which put you at greater risk for a heart attack or stroke.
  • The goal for people with one other risk factor for heart disease (e.g. increased BMI, high blood pressure, diabetes, family history) is an LDL level under 100.
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