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Mandy Welke, NP

Mandy Welke

About Mandy

Mandy Welkel has dedicated over 20 years to the healthcare industry, with 7 years as a Nurse Practitioner with a focus in holistic obesity medicine. She holds a Masters of Nursing from Graceland University and has gained diverse experience in various areas such as oncology, chronic pain, primary care, urgent care, and obesity medicine. Mandy has consistently utilized a multifaceted, team-based approach to provide optimal care for her patients. Mandy is thrilled to be a part of an exceptional team that produces meaningful results for its members through an evidence-based, personalized, and holistic approach to weight loss. She looks forward to assisting members in making informed decisions that lead to attainable health outcomes. In her leisure time, Mandy delights in exploring nature, running, and engaging in mind-body awareness practices, including yoga and Qigong. In April, she will begin a 200-hour HGYS Yoga Teacher Training Program, complemented by a 50-hour Trauma-conscious Yoga Certificate. She eagerly anticipates deepening her understanding of how the mind-body connection impacts our lives.


Masters Of Nursing Graceland University


Family Medicine




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