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Rockstar of the Month: October 2020

Enara Staff
/ October 7, 2020

Meet John. He is 73 years old. John was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2015. He tried several different weight loss programs but his sugars kept creeping up.  “I ve been trying to lose weight for years, trying different things, but they did not work.”

In late 2019, he was 193lbs and had fasting sugars in the 120s.  His doctor told him his sugars were close to type II diabetes range and referred him to Enara Health. 

In his year with Enara, John lost 40 lbs and reversed his pre-diabetes. “My knees feel better… I can bend over and tie my shoes now. I ‘ve had to put extra holes in my belt. Physically, I feel a whole lot better. [More importantly], I am not depressed anymore” 

Enara was different for John than other programs because “there was no condemning attitude about it, it was up, there was an upness about it. I think that’s what got me.” 

John’s major take away from Enara was not a diet, lifestyle hack, or habit. He feels that the biggest impediment to health is guilt and stigma. His attitude towards himself and other people struggling with weight has changed. “ I look at others and I don’t judge them if they’re big. I don’t say ‘why do they eat like that.’ There might be biological or other reasons behind their appetite. They just need the right team and they can do it too” 

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