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Introducing Medical Seminars Exploring the Topics of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & Stress

Enara Staff
/ October 8, 2019

Those who have been with Enara Health for longer may remember our Stress Management Seminars we offered earlier this year. It was a two-part series addressing the effects of stress on the body and ways to control it. The class had some positives but something we picked up on was that unlike our weight loss program, there was no accountability and in-app education created around the classes. So we went back to the drawing board and sketched a full curriculum and program around three important conditions that impact long-term cardiovascular health. 

The goal of our medical seminars is to place focus on conditions that can be reversed with the proper knowledge and choices. Here at Enara Health our mission is to help our members achieve healthier lifestyles through weight loss, which has been associated with improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol, but we want to expand our goal by offering both in-person and online seminars directly addressing how to manage these conditions head-on. 

Each topic will consist of a series of four group sessions exploring the risks of each condition, how it affects our overall health, current treatments, and a personalized plan on how to implement the interventions into your own life. The groups are designed to increase understanding of these diseases so you are better versed and feel more confident in how to approach it. Each participant will also be followed by a health coach who will check in on you weekly to make sure you stay on-track, answer your questions, and support you through the course. 

We encourage those who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, hypertension, or suffer from overwhelming stress to sign up. If you are not diagnosed with or suffer from any of the following, but are interested, message the Front Desk and we will review your eligibility. Part of the program is teaching and applying interventions so you can find ways to improve your health by affecting real change. All of the seminars will be taught by our medical provider, Dr. Rami Bailony. 

If you are interested, you can sign up by messaging the Front Desk on the app or by using the links provided for the group you want to join. Please note that when you sign up for one cohort you will be enrolling in all four sessions associated with that group. Group 1 will all be in person seminars and Group 2 will be strictly online. The schedule is as follows:

High Cholesterol Seminar:

High Cholesterol Scheduling Links:

  • Group 1 (In Person): https://enarahealth.as.me/?appointmentType=11610807
  • Group 2 (Online): https://enarahealth.as.me/?appointmentType=11654005

High Blood Pressure Seminar:

High Blood Pressure Scheduling Links:

  • Group 1 (In Person): https://enarahealth.as.me/?appointmentType=11610923
  • Group 2 (Online): https://enarahealth.as.me/?appointmentType=11654034

Stress Management Seminar:

Stress Management Scheduling Links:

  • Group 1 (In Person): https://enarahealth.as.me/?appointmentType=11610993
  • Group 2 (Online): https://enarahealth.as.me/?appointmentType=11654058

Common Questions:

Am I required to share my information with other participants? 

Part of the fun of group medical seminars is sharing experiences, but it is perfectly fine to just listen in and support others without telling your personal story. All information shared in class is confidential and protected by HIPAA laws. 

Will I get a treatment plan with each session? 

Yes, like a normal visit, you will get a treatment plan or recommendations to discuss with your primary care doctor.

Are these sessions covered by Enara membership? 

These sessions are treated as group medical visits. For our insurance members, they are covered so long as you meet treatment eligibility. Please note that these visits may have co-pays and deductibles that will be deducted from your Enara copay credit. If you have already met your credit limit this may result in extra charge beyond monthly membership. Our staff can help give you an estimate. 

For our cash members, they are covered regardless of eligibility. 

Please message the Front Desk in the app or call us at 650-319-8654 if you have any further questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

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