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A few of you Enara members have tried these kelp noodles and loved using them in place of cellophane or glass noodles. Although I wouldn’t call them a nutrition powerhouse (they are almost nutrient-free!) they are a great low carb substitute for cellophane or glass noodles. One serving of kelp noodles has just 3g carbs and 1g of fiber. In contrast, per serving, bean thread, from mung bean starch, contain 42g of carbs, sweet potato glass noodles contain 22g carbs and thai rice noodles contain 45g of carbs, all with zero fiber.

Kelp noodles are made from the inner layer of kelp seaweed which is dried into a powder, blended with water and sodium alginate and shaped into noodles.

They can be used in pad thai, Korean Japchae, soups, and within lettuce wraps with great results. We recommend omitting any sweeteners used in your noodle preparations, especially while on VLCD. Lots of flavor can be had by adding soy sauce or tamari, fresh herbs, lemon or lime juice, or miso. Turn them into a complete dish by adding chopped veg and a fried egg, some tofu, or chicken breast.

Although they don’t have much flavor, they do have a nice crunch right out of the bag. It is recommended to rinse them well under cold water. They can be stored, refrigerated in water for up to two weeks, making meal prep and planning super easy. 

When ready to use, place them in a bowl of water with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tsp sea salt. Stir to combine and let sit for 15-20 minutes until soft. No need to cook at this point. Just add to your stirfries, soups or wraps and enjoy.

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