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Grocery Spotlight: Great Costco Bulk Buys

Nick Leonardo, RD | Nutrition Specialist
/ June 4, 2021

Costco is renowned for its warehouse-like feel, oversized products, those membership cards you need to get in, and probably, for the pizza too. While all those things vary in the impact they impart from person to person, I think it deserves equal recognition on another front: making it easier to maintain a healthy eating pattern.  

I will preface this Costco pitch by saying that it feels like work to go there. It’s not convenient (at least for me), nor is it an efficient shopping experience in terms of my time or my sanity. It’s usually very crowded. Having said that, I think it’s worth the trouble and I think that is saying something. 

The retail warehouse offers many cost-effective products that vary in required level of preparation, but for the following 6 foods I think some important things remain consistent: they are lean, healthful foods offered at very competitive prices—you just might want to make sure you have some room in your fridge, pantry, and/ or freezer before you shop. 

1. Frozen Vegetables (Normandy Mix or Stir Fry) 

Either of these Costco vegetable bags are a great buy. Try defrosting in the fridge, steaming, or even stir frying to pair with a favorite protein and grain in a bowl. Also try pairing with hummus as a snack. 


2. Chicken Breast 

These bags certainly require freezer space but it’s hard to find a leaner protein out there. A 10lb bag where 4oz contains 22g of protein, that’s a lot of protein and just might be perfect to reach your skeletal muscle growth goals. Try defrosting in the fridge with your favorite marinade. 

Costco Grocery Chicken Breast


3. Tuna 

Did you forget to prepare a protein for the week? Did the lunch time on Monday afternoon come a little sooner than expected? Fear not! You’ve got tons of tuna! Mix it with greek yogurt, pickles, and mustard for lean protein with a kick. Bulk tuna is a great buy to always have on hand in the pantry. 

Costco Grocery Tuna


4. Cauliflower Rice

Easy to make and low carb, these packets can be microwaved in their respective packets for ultimate convenience. Also try stir fried as a rice substitute


5. Beans 

Open a can, rinse off the salt, and before you lies a solid source of fiber and protein. These complex carbs are as healthy as they are easy to prepare. Eight cans makes a perfect pantry staple. 

Garbanzo Beans

6. Three Berry Blend Frozen Berry Mix 

What’s better than berries? How about a 3 berry blend. These make a great addition to any breakfast, be it greek yogurt or oatmeal. Defrost in the fridge or try heated for some added sweetness. 

Costco Grocery Frozen Berries


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