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Food and Nutrition

Four Evidence-Based Changes You Can Make Right Now to Help Fight COVID-19

Enara Staff
/ March 23, 2020

It is easy to feel helpless during our current COVID-19 crisis. Our schedules are changing, our routine is out of our control, we may be taking on new roles such as teacher and caretaker, and it can feel like your weight or eating habits are the last thing on your “to do” list. However, health should be the utmost priority right now.

There is plenty of evidence and studies on common flus and colds that suggest that our baseline health plays a huge role in our body’s ability to defend against viruses. Early data from China shows that weight is associated with your ability to survive COVID-19. So while your main focus should be on public distancing and sanitization, it is just as important to focus on health and wellness.

So what can you do now? At Enara, we encourage everyone to turn to the science. Here is a four step, evidenced-based action plan that you can do today that will help make your body stronger in the face of any respiratory virus.

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