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Food and Nutrition

Food for Thought: Wild Planet Tuna Salads

Andrea Kurland, RD | Nutrition Specialist
/ July 20, 2022
white bean olives and tuna salad

Looking for a grab-and-go item you can keep stocked in the pantry? These Wild Planet tuna salad packs make for a delicious, balanced meal or snack that is ready to go. These are great to bring to work if you work in an office, on a hike if you’re planning a picnic, or on the airplane when traveling.

Why we love it: This product falls in line perfectly with Enara’s food philosophy, which is to eat real food! These tuna salads are unprocessed, made with sustainably caught tuna and organic, whole ingredients. Note: these products are perfect for Stepwise and Maintenance programs. For VLCD, avoid the Bean & Corn salad, and plan ahead if incorporating the White Bean Salad (it’s close to 400 calories). Speak to your Nutrition Specialist for more information.

Where to Buy: Whole Foods, Walmart, Amazon, Thrive Market, or directly from the Wild Planet website

White Bean Salad: Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus Pelamis), White Beans, Sunflower Oil, Chickpeas,  Carrot, Red Pepper, Green Olive, Water Salt.

360 calories, 21g protein, 20g fat, 23g carb, 10g fiber, 2g sugar, (1 g added sugar)


*Bean & Corn Salad: Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus Pelamis), Red Beans, Sweetcorn, Sunflower Oil, Red Pepper, Carrot, White Wine Vinegar, Water, Salt, Natural Chili Flavor, Ground Black Pepper. 

250 calories, 16g protein, 12g fat, 21g carb, 8g fiber, 4g sugar (3g added sugar)

*not VLCD-friendly as it contains corn

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