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Food and Nutrition

Food for Thought: Sushi!

Enara Staff
/ March 29, 2019

Today we are breaking down the popular Japanese delicacy and how to make it a healthy part of your life.

This is a question for the ages. Yes, sometimes; no, a lot of the time. Options at a Japanese restaurant can range from nutrient-rich pickled vegetables to steamed edamame to low calorie, high protein pieces of sashimi, to deep-fried, mayo drizzled, rice packed monster sushi rolls. White rice, even brown rice, contain very little fiber and lots of carbs. Since rice is cheaper than fish, the ratio of a roll generally reflects this. A better choice is 6-10 pieces of sashimi served on a bed of shredded radish, for around 3-5 oz of healthy fish. Edamame, pickled veggies, miso soup are all good accompaniments. If you do decide to splurge, try to find rolls with clean ingredients, and avoid the words crunchy, crispy, spicy mayo, or eel sauce. Little known fact: seaweed salads are packed with sugar, MSG, chemicals and food dye. Check out this great article for more on this topic.

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