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Food for Thought: Protein Powder – Friend or Foe?

Enara Staff
/ February 22, 2018
Food for Thought: Protein Powder – Friend or Foe?

Protein powder made its mark in the fitness world and quickly became a go-to for our ultra busy, on-the-go society. Protein powder does have its benefits (mainly the protein content, of course) but there are a lot of brands that have diluted the product and added sugars, gums and preservatives that have turned a protein shake into an unhealthy milkshake.

We usually recommend staying away from smoothies, shakes, and juices for simple reasons. You digest it faster than whole, intact foods with little to no work for your body, losing out on some calorie burn and fiber. If it contains sugar, you’re overloading your liver too quickly which then turns much of it into fat. It also allows people the opportunity to put more food into it than they would be able to eat in one sitting in their whole forms.

However, there are some great protein powders out there and some people may benefit from them more than others. For anyone who needs to supplement their meals due to sarcopenia (lack of adequate muscle mass), it is a quick and easy source of high protein. For anyone else trying to build muscle or sneak more protein into their day, it’s a great snack or meal post-workout.

Keep in mind that quality is KEY. Try to avoid powders that add sugar, dyes, or artificial flavors. You should know that whey protein is the best option for muscle building, (pea protein, if you’re vegan). The brands we like are Naked Grass-fed, Promix Unflavored Grass-fed, Sun Warrior Warrior Blend, and Vega. Try the unflavored versions and add your favorite fruit, nut butter, veggies and unsweetened almond milk for a clean product that your muscles will thank you for.

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