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Food for Thought: Plant Based Protein Options

Enara Staff
/ July 20, 2018

Whether you’ve been a lifelong vegan or your dietitian wants you to have more plant based meals, getting enough protein in your diet can be a little tough. While it’s true that animal meat is packed with protein, there are plenty of ways to get enough when going veg. Protein helps you build and maintain muscle mass, keeps you full and is a building block for many parts of your body. Below are some plant based protein sources for you aspiring plant eaters:

Soybeans (edamame) 18g (1 cup)
Tofu 8-15g (3 oz)
Lentils 9g (½ cup, cooked)
Beans ~7g (½ cup)
Almonds, Cashews 5-6g (¼ cup)
Chia seeds 6g (2 tbsp)
Spinach 3g (½ cup, cooked)
Peanut butter 7g (2 T)
Hummus 5g (¼ cup)
Tempeh 10g (4 oz)


And here are some great Trader Joe’s products that work well as a vegetarian protein:

Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers

Classic Hummus

Fat Free Refried Beans

Melodious Blend

Firm Tofu

Organic 3 grain Tempeh

Trader Joe’s Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup


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