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Food For Thought: Healthy Eating for Travel

Enara Staff
/ May 6, 2018
Food For Thought: Healthy Eating for Travel

“What can I eat at an airport?” is a question we’re constantly asked in our busy, jetsetting society. When travel involves waits at airports, long, boring flights on airplanes and new cities filled with enticing food, there is a skill to finding healthy travel eats.

  1. First, control your snacks. Pack a bag of raw almonds, string cheese or cut up veggies or fruit (for gradual plans) that can make it through security and will last for a few hours.
  2. Plan your meals as you normally would. It’s tempting to add an extra meal to your day if you’re flying to other time zones, but try to stick with three evenly spaced out meals.
  3. For morning travel, hit Starbucks. There’s one in almost every airport and oatmeal or egg white bites are great program friendly options, especially paired with tea or coffee. Or bring our version straight through security!
  4. Check out the stores at the airport. They usually have packages of unsalted nuts, Greek yogurt or hummus if you forgot to pack. Many places also sell packaged salads or soups with nutrition info on them to help you make an informed decision.
  5. Bring your meal onto the plane if you’ll be flying during a mealtime. Bring books, music, or watch a movie to keep yourself occupied. Try ordering a sparkling water with lemon or lime from the drink cart and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  6. If you’re staying in an unfamiliar city, check out Google Maps for local chains you recognize, then check out their websites for healthy options and nutritional information. Also plan ahead before you go to a new restaurant, and don’t be shy about customizing your meal to your health needs.
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