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Food for Thought: Healthy Eating At AT&T Park/Other Arenas

Enara Staff
/ May 17, 2018

Sports stadiums are not traditionally known for having healthy options, and many of our patients ask “What can I eat when I go to a baseball game at AT&T Park?”. While it might seem hopeless to find a good choice amongst the hot dogs and garlic fries, many sports stadiums now offer some good options. Use the strategies below to help you stay on track while enjoying the game.

  1. At AT&T Park, check out the Garden Table. Located in a living garden behind the centerfield wall, the restaurant offer salads and fruit picked fresh from the garden. Many other stadiums offer salads as well, such as at the Seaside Market inside Petco Park in San Diego.
  2. Also check out the Cha Cha Bowl at Orlando’s inside AT&T Park. This Mexican eatery offers a bowl similar to Chipotle. Skip the rice and get with beans, chicken, and salsa (gradual program only). Many other stadiums have Mexican inspired restaurants where you can build a similar bowl.
  3. AT&T Park also offers poke at Da Poke Man in Section 114. Get Hawaiian style poke served over fresh garden greens for a delicious and healthy meal.
  4. Whichever stadium you are heading to, make sure to check out the food map before you go- most stadiums offer info online about what food is offered. Pick a healthy option and head there when you get to the park before you’re tempted by less great choices.
  5. If options are limited at your home stadium, consider eating before you go- if the game falls around a typical meal time, eat a sensible meal with protein and fiber to keep you full before you go watch the game.
  6. Bring your own food- if your stadium allows (which ATT&T and Petco Park do), consider bringing your own food or snacks to the game. You can pack healthy wraps or salads in a soft-sided cooler to eat while watching. Also consider bringing your own snacks such as nuts, string cheese, or cut up fruit or veggies with hummus or salsa.
  7. Hydrate- bring a water bottle and fill up when you get to the game. Drinking lots of water will help control your appetite and keep your hands busy so you’re not tempted to over-indulge.  
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