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Food for Thought: Comparing Meal Delivery Services

Enara Staff
/ November 16, 2018
Meal Delivery Services

In our fast paced world, quick and healthy home cooked meals can feel like advanced level cooking. If coming up with easy but interesting weekday meals for you or your family seems daunting, meal delivery services have popped up to solve your problems. There are countless options out there that target different tastes and preferences but not all would be considered very healthy. Below, we breakdown a few of the most popular services to see how they stack up



What: Multiple preference options like paleo, vegan, vegetarian, lean and clean, Diabetes-friendly

How: Provides exact ingredients to make a quick healthy meal

$$: Cost about $12 per serving

Verdict: One of our favorites because it allows modifications to make it less caloric with plenty of diet options



What: Fully composed breakfast, lunch, dinner meals mainly plant based with options for animal protein add ons

How: Delivers already made meals

Note: Skip the juices and sugary breakfasts and stick to the healthier salads and dinner options with minimal dressing.

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Blue Apron:

What: Multiple meal kits per week based on your preference, provided exact amounts of ingredients

$$: about $10 per serving

What to know: Does not advertise as particularly healthy with servings ranging 500 calories and up


Local Foodz

What: A smaller meal delivery with no cooking needed, just heat and eat

How: Pick up in San Mateo or at Max Muscle locations

Verdict: Provides clean meals for very healthy and lower calorie eating perfect for VLCD

Bonus: Check our Enara approved meals on their website and get a discount!


Hello Fresh

What: Meal kits ranging from Veggie to Family plans to help you make quick and easy meals

$$: Around $10 per serving

Thoughts: Not particularly calorie conscious but our cofounder loves it!


Winners: Sunbasket takes our top pick for meal kits for its health conscious options and abilities to modify. Local Foodz takes the top spot for a super clean way to eat delivery on VLCD and Thistle is our favorite for lunchtime salads for those on Stepwise or Maintenance.

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