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Food Diary: A Weekend Full of Festivities With Natalie

Natalie Devlin | Nutrition Specialist
/ September 10, 2022
food journal

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be dietary advice but a look at a week of meals and activities with me. This week is not my typical week as we have company and a town festival.


Monday – Woke up around 5:30 hoping to get a workout in before my daughters woke up. I made some oatmeal with some honey and strawberries. I went out to my garage to lift weights doing my favorite – leg day! I always start my week with leg day as it is my favorite muscle group. Of course, right when I finished my warmup the baby camera went off. My little one woke up and needed her bottle. I went and fed her and helped my fiancé get both girls ready for daycare. After they left for the day I went back to my workout and lifted for about 35 minutes. Afterwards I went inside and ate 2 over easy eggs. I always try to have protein after my workouts to help fuel those muscles and to help with recovery as well. 

Time to start seeing patients! I finished up with all of my patients for the day and took the time to plan out my week of meals. While I did this I ate 2 steak and black bean enchiladas from my fiancé’s meal prep. I know I have a busy weekend of festivities at the end of the week so I plan my meals out accordingly aiming to eat as many balanced meals as possible. After I finished up my meal plan I headed out to Sam’s Club and then picked my daughters up. My fiancé worked the closing shift so it was just the girls and I for dinner tonight. We had left over steak with fresh carrots from grandma’s garden.


Tuesday – I woke up to work out and I couldn’t walk. I twisted my knee last night while helping my daughter walk down the stairs. I know I will have to take it easy the next couple of weeks when it comes to my workouts or just focus on my upper body lifts. This changes all the planning I did yesterday. I went ahead and ate a banana with some peanut butter and a hard-boiled egg before going out in the garage to start my workout. I decided to work on my chest and triceps today. I did a quick 30-minute lift, woke the kids up to take them to daycare and started meeting with my patients when I got back home. I had to wait until 2:00 to get lunch in due to my busy schedule today. I had some rotisserie chicken in a kale salad with the last of the garden-fresh carrots I didn’t cook up yesterday. 

I finished up my day and picked up the kids from daycare. We went home and of course my daughter wanted mac and cheese. I made some mac and cheese for her with some garden-fresh green beans (that she helped pick). I mixed sweet peppers and rotisserie chicken into the mac and cheese for them to increase their vegetable intake and add in some protein. I ate chicken and a small serving of mac and cheese and a lot of green beans! Fresh green beans are my favorite from grandma’s garden. Just can’t beat them! Then it was time for baths and bedtime for the kiddos. Once they were in bed, I walked 1.5 miles on the treadmill finishing up my work for the day.


Wednesday – It is my rest day today so I try to sleep in, but the girls are awake at 6am this morning. Dad worked late last night so I let him sleep in and I made us all some breakfast. My youngest gets a bottle and some dry cheerios, my oldest eats oatmeal and eggs with me. I start work at 9am and take a break at 1pm so I can eat some lunch of Blackened Chicken Alfredo with green beans. I finished up my day about 7pm today. I have a small Caesar salad with chicken for dinner tonight and head out to hang out with the neighbors as tomorrow our town festivities start and we need to plan our weekend.


Thursday – Start of the Corn on the Cob Days!

Woke up and the knee is still not feeling good so I take it easy, skip my typical Thursday work out and do back and biceps. After my workout the kids are up and on the way to daycare. I ate scrambled eggs with ½ an avocado and started my full day of patients. I have a lunch of kale salad with smoked salmon and get back to work. I finish my day with patients, pick up the kids and feed them some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I eat some BBQ chicken when we get back to the house. Then we head out to see some animals at a petting zoo before bedtime. We grab some popcorn from the local popcorn stand and head home.


Friday – The kids and I all woke up late so breakfast was granola bars and applesauce for the kids and a Clif Bar for me then away we went to daycare. I work my Friday morning, finish up my work and get ready for our weekend before our friends come to stay with us. I skipped lunch due to being busy and not feeling very hungry plus I knew that I would be eating a lot tonight. We threw salmon and a pork butt in the smoker and started the weekend off with a few drinks and playing darts and pool. We had some burgers and headed out to the concert of the night. We get back home and head to bed.


Saturday – The kids and I woke up at 8am and started our day with a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs and some hashbrowns for the men in the house. I made pigs in a blanket for the kids while I ate my eggs and oatmeal knowing I needed something substantial for all of the walking I would be doing throughout the day. We headed into town and checked out all of the rides, bounce houses, corn hole contest, and the best part — the tractor games! We even got to cheer on our neighborhood kids in a kids pedal pull where they placed first and third in their age groups! After this it was nap time for everyone. We rehydrated and went back in the sun to enjoy yard games and dinner. We made pulled pork sandwiches, brats and fresh veggies from (again) grandma’s garden. We finished up the last of our zucchini we had and made a Caesar salad for everyone. I ate the pulled pork in my salad and had a brat without the bun (since I am just not a fan of hot dog buns). We enjoyed a bonfire to finish off the night.


Sunday – Corn on the Cob Day!

This is only the best day of the corn on the cob festival! Everyone comes out on Sunday and they give away truckloads of free corn. They have another petting zoo so the kids had fun and got to enjoy some corn on the cob too. We found a Mexican food truck and enjoyed street tacos then went back home to relax and enjoy drinks with friends and the neighborhood. It was a crazy weekend but fun was had by all. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my town’s festival! Seriously, people take time off for this festival. It’s a huge event that the entire town participates in to (of course) celebrate the number one thing I tell everyone to limit. After today I will not be having corn for quite some time… after I finish up the fresh sweet corn that was picked just for us!


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