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Enara Health Rockstars of the Month-February

Enara Staff
/ March 1, 2017
Enara Health Rockstars of the Month-February

– February 2017 –

This month’s rockstar couple lost a combined 130 lbs and reversed their pre-diabetes. 

Below is a Q&A with our Rockstar Couple of the Month, Jason and Aimee.

Danielle: What made you start the program?

Aimee: I started because Jason was starting, and I wasn’t going to not do it with him. Jason’s friend did it and lost a lot of weight and that was our inspiration.

Jason: I had noticed one of my friends lost weight and he told me he had lost 50 lbs in 90 days, and he told me about Enara. I saw the results and it seemed too good to be true. I felt the need to do something but I just didn’t know what until he introduced me to the program.

Danielle: How did you feel about your health before you started?

Aimee: I wasn’t really aware of my health or how much weight we had gained in the last year and it was eye-opening. I wasn’t happy about how much I weighed when we went to Enara for the first time because it was a happy year. TOO happy.

Jason: Not good. I knew I was way too overweight, unhealthy and living a bad lifestyle. I’m a results kind of person, and when I saw my friend’s results in that amount of time, it was worth looking into.

Danielle: How are you feeling physically and/or mentally now compared to when you started?

Aimee: I was so nervous when I started, and I didn’t think it would work. I’ve never been on a diet in my life and it was so easy and I’m so much more conscious of everything and it was a complete mind changer. I’m a lot more mindful, and even if I’m not perfect, I’m super mindful of everything. I can’t imagine how much we were eating to gain what we gained. At this point I could live the rest of my life in a fairly healthy manner because I’m much more mindful of what I’m eating and how to fix it if I screw up.

Jason: I feel awesome. I’m a sheet metal worker, and I’m constantly bending down and on my knees and I can’t begin to explain the difference between now and 3-4 months ago. It was a struggle before. It feels awesome.

Danielle: What was the hardest part about the program?

Aimee: It wasn’t that hard. Just going [to Enara the first time] was hard because I hate doctors or people in my business or talking about myself.

Jason: Breaking habits. You’re used to a certain lifestyle, drinking a lot and eating a lot, and then having to learn how to live differently. Lifestyle change, which is hard for anyone.

Danielle: What obstacles did you face when you started the program?

Aimee: The drinking. That was scary and the first week was hard and then it wasn’t. Food wasn’t ever really an issue on the program. It wasn’t bad; I had cravings for horrible things but that wasn’t hard to brush off. After the first couple weeks, everything was a breeze.

Jason: Changing lifestyle and breaking old habits, like going out drinking, not wanting to cook so we would go to eat Jack in the Box or something, and that was a big change.

Danielle: What was the most helpful part of the program?

Aimee: The education of what is bad for you and why-I like to know why things are bad for me. When I understand, I’m good at accepting and it’s motivating. I know a lot more about food than I did before. Coming in to see Danielle and getting menu ideas and education.

Jason: Coming to see Danielle, being held accountable. Not the pics as much but knowing you had to come in every week and no one wants to fail.

Danielle: How hopeful are you that these changes will be lifelong?

Aimee: For sure. I will never be able to eat processed food like mac n’ cheese as much as before or at least without being very guilty and knowing the effects. Guilt is a huge motivators.

Jason: Extremely hopeful. Not only hopeful but convinced. We expect to continue this type of living as opposed to how we used to live.

Danielle: Is there anything else you’d like people to know?

Jason: I would recommend this program to everyone and I found it extremely easy and the results are great. This is the way to go. I would be a reference for life for you guys! I feel like if I gain 5 or 10 lbs in the future I’ll watch it that much harder and that much closer. It was depressing being where I was before, compared to where I am now. Feeling confident. I can’t say enough positive things about Danielle, Dr.Bailony, and the whole team. Enara showed me what to do. I couldn’t have done it without Aimee and her help with the meals but I was ready to do whatever it took. What I love about Enara is that Danielle said I could eat deer meat! I’m a hunter and I had that meat already. I wasn’t forced to drink a shake or something I hate, I could eat what I liked. Besides the social [limitations] aspect, the program was super easy. I’ve referred a lot of people who have seen my results and I’m going to keep doing it!

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