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Dietitian Diary: A Week With Rebecca

Enara Staff
/ September 6, 2019
Food Journal

Each month we will get a glimpse into the eating life of your favorite Enara RDs since everyone is always curious about what a dietitian eats!

**Disclaimer: Please be aware that this post contains content that some readers may find triggering. This is not intended to be dietary advice. Anything written here is not necessarily appropriate for the Enara program you are on or consistent with your particular goals. 

Friday August 9th 

I’m so excited that I get to visit my sister this weekend in Eugene, Oregon! Knowing this is going to be a long day of work and travel, I want to make sure I have my meals situated. Post Megaformer pilates class, I eat my overnight oatmeal (same Enara recipe, but I added some cashew chia pudding I made earlier in the week). This is such a satisfying meal to me. I always check in with myself and see if this is actually what sounds appealing. The first question I ask: do I want something hot or cold? This morning, the cold oats do the trick. I made a massive kale salad pre-pilates class to bring to work for lunch. This is my all time favorite, and I’ve been making it for nearly four years. The flavor combo never gets old to me (lots of hot sauce, lemon dressing, roasted nuts). My flight isn’t until 8:30 pm, so I eat my second overnight oats (OOs) I brought for dinner. Like I said, this is the most satisfying meal lately. Plus, it is super filling and quick to pack. I try to avoid spending an egregious amount of money at the airport when possible on a so-so salad, and this oatmeal situation is truly delicious. I’m so thankful my flight is on time and I’ll get to Eugene at a reasonable hour. On the plane, I eat two of my no-bake oatmeal peanut butter balls (a favorite freezable recipe courtesy of one of my favorite food bloggers). 

Saturday August 10th 

Coffee is my first priority, always. I will wake up at any hour just to have this peace and quiet; it lets me feel centered and ready for what the day will bring. I like to read my favorite blogs, write in my gratitude journal, and read. My sister has all the fixings to make my usual OOs and we eat breakfast on her patio while we plan our day. I’ve never been to Eugene, so she’s super excited to show me around. We start at a local tea shop where I buy a delicious Masala Chai. We then head over to “Saturday Market”, which is a weekly farmers market/craft fair/gathering. The berries look amazing, and I buy blueberries and blackberries. They’re so cheap compared to what they are in San Francisco! I also get some super fragrant Hatch peppers, roasted on the spot. Not sure what I’m going to make with these, but they smell too good to pass up. We rent bikes and ride throughout the city. Eugene is gorgeous and it feels so nice to be a small-ish town, surrounded by nature. We bike to her favorite salad bar, and I’m floored by the beautiful offerings. I get tons of kale (lightly massaged in salt and lemon), carrot and tarragon salad, pickled onions, beets, roast chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, and dress it with balsamic vinegar. It is SO good. Feeling super full post-lunch, we walk around the town. Next stop is blueberry picking at a local vineyard. I’ve never done this before, and I’m so excited to lean into a seasonal activity. The blueberry bushes are exploding, and I can’t stop eating berries as I pick them. I will likely turn blue soon. After we paid for our 7 pounds (!) of berries (mind you, this only cost $12), we head to the next vineyard. I buy a glass of delicious pinot gris, and we sit in the sun. We head back home and decide what to eat for dinner. I’m obsessed with breakfast, and we land on breakfast tacos. I cut up some of the Hatch chiles and make an egg scramble. I top the scramble with feta cheese, Greek yogurt, Franks RedHot sauce (always) and use my favorite Siete almond flour tortillas. I love having hot tea post dinner; it feels so cozy. I break a chocolate bite/bar (not sure what to call it – it’s a little ball of pecan butter that is covered in chocolate) we bought at the store earlier. I’m not super hungry post-tacos, but I do appreciate a little sweetness after dinner.  

Sunday August 11th 

Another day, another morning of French press coffee, reading, and my delicious OOs. Although this time with an aggressive amount of freshly-picked Oregon blueberries. My sister and I head out for a hike in a new neighborhood. I am so impressed by how beautiful this town is. Prior to my flight, we head back to our favorite salad, and I put together the exact same kale salad as yesterday, but this time we take them to-go and I add Frank’s RedHot back at her house. My sister drops me off at the airport, and I keep my precious cargo (my gallon ziplock bag of blueberries) close to my heart. Once we’re at cruising altitude and my anxiety lessens (I despise flying), I snack on some blueberries. I also have the other half my chocolate bite from last night. Touchdown in San Francisco on time and head home. I usually love to cook on Sunday nights (I’ll make a big stew of some sort to have throughout the week) but I’m too tired to go to the store. My husband and I order Souvla, my favorite salad in the city. I get the chicken salad (extra hot sauce, extra minted yogurt sauce) and add white sweet potatoes. Usually I don’t add the potatoes, but I’m splitting this into two meals so I want to be satisfied with both. I put half the salad away, and the other half in my favorite salad bowl. It’s perfect every time. Post dinner I mix a bit of blueberries with labneh from the farmers market and homemade almond milk. Drink some tea and off to bed. 

Monday August 12th 

This is going to be a DAY! Wakeup at my usual time (4:30 AM), drink coffee, make another batch of almond milk, and get ready for a short day at work. I’m heading to LA today to be with family, but will be back late at night. I made my overnight oats + chia pudding last night, so I can get out the door quickly. I also made an extra batch for Tuesday morning because it takes so little time, and I know I’ll be short on sleep Tuesday. I’m not hungry for ~3 hours after I wake up, so I have my oats around 7:30 am. After a few hours of work, I head for the airport, and sprint to make it to the gate on time. I have the other half of my Souvla salad sitting delicately on my lap. I usually always brings meals or snacks for planes because I don’t want to be in a bind and pay $4 for a pack of Pringles once onboard. Once I feel hungry, I eat my salad. Touchdown in LA and I grab a sparkling water while I wait for my Lyft. A few hours later, I’m grateful I packed my no-bake oatmeal bites and eat two (for reference, these are about one tablespoon each). After the memorial service, we all head to an Italian restaurant for a buffet dinner. I double up on the spinach salad, and get a small serving of one of the pasta dishes. I share a few bites of a delicious piece of cake and have a coffee. Back at the airport, my husband and I are both hungry. I want something warm, so I get a small cup of vegetarian chili at Lemonade. It’s pretty “meh” and has no more than 12 beans in it. The temperature is satisfying though. Back on the plane, I have another oatmeal bite. I’m realizing being awake for so many hours I’m likely more hungry than usual. We are safely home by midnight. 

Tuesday August 13th 

Coffee is going to be the name of the game today. Yesterday morning, I defrosted my stew from the previous weekend. It’s a delicious turkey kielbasa and green lentil recipe from Bon Appetit that I keep in my Sunday rotation. I portion this out for lunch (I’ll have enough for tomorrow too), add a sprinkling of sharp cheddar cheese, and a generous amount of Frank’s. At work, I have my oats when I have a break in my schedule. Later in the morning, I walk to Trader Joe’s for some staples: Greek yogurt, feta cheese, lemons, almond milk, and I impulse buy some fresh figs. I really appreciate having snacks on hand, and usually bring something with me to work for moments when I feel hungry, but know I have to wait a while before my next meal. Today, I have two no-bake oatmeal bites between patients. I wait a little longer than usual to eat my lunch (until I feel hungry to do so). I always make a point to go outside for my lunch, even if just for 10 minutes. I usually need a break from staring at my computer, and it feels so good to be outdoors on a sunny day. It also lets me really pay attention to my eating experience; ideally I stop eating eating when I feel comfortably satiated. When I head back in the office, I spot the cupcakes we bought for a coworker’s birthday. Do I REALLY want a cupcake? Not necessarily, but I want to try a bite. I have a small sliver of the peanut butter flavor (mostly the frosting) and another small sliver of the red velvet (too sweet). I drink a hot tea, and finish up my work day. After work, I drive straight to my pilates class in San Francisco. Megaformer pilates is my favorite workout (besides Barry’s Bootcamp). The classes are quick (usually ~40-50 minutes), and you feel so strong after. Post-class, my husband and I have the classic “what’s for dinner” conversation. I have three heads of kale that need to be prepped, and I make my favorite kale salad. We go to the store to pick up some chicken thighs and some kabobs. We grill some of the chicken tonight and will save some for tomorrow. It’s too beautiful to not be outside. I also marinate the figs in a little balsamic vinegar and cinnamon and grill those after the chicken. Post dinner, I realize I’m a little too full and could have stopped eating a few bites ago. I come from the “Clean Plate Club,” so it’s a habit/pattern I’ve been actively working on. We go on a walk with our pup, and then relax. Early to bed for me, thankfully. 

Wednesday August 14th 

So grateful for sleep! Drink my coffee, read my blogs, and put my food together for work. I eat my OOs a few hours later. They’re not as satisfying as usual as the texture is off (I left my Greek yogurt at work, so I wasn’t able to mix it in with the oatmeal and chia seeds). I also left out the chia pudding this time, so they’re not as creamy. I eat about 80% of them and jump on a call. After, I realize I’m still a little hungry and eat the rest. A few hours later, I eat one of my oatmeal bites between appointments. For lunch, I brought leftover grilled chicken and kale salad. I sprinkle a little feta cheese on top (with an abundance of Frank’s of course) and eat outside in this HOT weather. The feta cheese really took this salad to the next level. Back in the office, I have a small forkful of a cupcake. After a very long commute back home, I cut up some watermelon and have about a cup (so does my dog who is obsessed). I head to my pilates class, and oh man I am so sore. This was a particularly hard class after the Tuesday night one. When I get home, my husband is grilling some more chicken and we have the same thing for dinner as I had for lunch (leftover kale salad + grilled chicken + a little feta cheese). This is honestly my ideal meal (although I could take or leave the chicken). Post dinner, I have some more watermelon and get cozy on the couch.

Thursday August 15th 

I wake up a little later than usual, drink my coffee, and finish up some work. I have an early pilates class booked, but I am still super sore and really don’t feel like going. I hate late cancelling because of the fee, but I would much rather be outside in the sun. I decide to go for a run instead. When I get back, I grab my pup, and we go for a 30-minute walk while I listen to a podcast. I really appreciate the time in the morning to be outdoors. When we get back, I make my “overnight oats” (pro tip – you can absolutely make these on short notice with the rolled oats, as long as you don’t mind the texture). I add blueberries and a fig on top. Realizing I’m pretty dehydrated and feeling super tired from my morning jaunt, I drink a Topo Chico (the best sparkling water in my opinion) and a lemon Spindrift. I definitely don’t drink enough water, but reaching my water quota is more likely when I have my favorite sparkling beverages on hand. Realize I’m a little hungry around 11, and have two oatmeal bites. A few hours later I heat up about 1/2 cup of my lentil-kielbasa stew and eat that with the last of the kale salad. After, I have about a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips and get started with a long day of appointments. Between lunch and dinner I have a few almonds and a coffee to tide me over. I have a break in appointments around six, and I’m really excited to eat my yogurt bowl I packed for dinner (yogurt + blueberries + peanut butter + a sprinkling of hemp seeds). I normally don’t bring dinner to work, but tonight is unusual in that I’m making up my weekly therapy appointment due to my schedule change earlier in the week. It feels good to eat this cold and creamy bowl on such a warm day. When I finally get home, I’m still on my blueberry kick. I have one of my favorite desserts, frozen blueberries and peanut butter. If you blend this, it’s basically pseudo-ice cream. Drink some tea and hit the sack! 

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