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Best Meal Delivery Services & Meal Kits

Kathy Pariani, RD | Nutrition Specialist
/ March 30, 2023
bowl of nutritious vegetables

There is no shortage of available meal delivery services (nor meal kit options)! Here are some standouts when it comes to healthfulness. Our members frequently ask about our favorite options so we thought we would share some standouts here.

Meal Delivery Services

Territory Foods

Individual prepared meals, family-style proteins and sides.

Delivery in CA, TX, DC, NY.

Territory offers many meal types including paleo, plant-based, low carb and low calorie. They highlight the quality of their ingredients including no refined sugar, no dairy and no gluten (although not certified gluten-free).

Meals range from about $13-18. Use the code ‘enarahealth20’ for 20% off.

Fresh N Lean

Individual meals, bulk and side items.

Delivery to all 50 states.

Similar to Territory, Fresh N Lean offers some great meal options including protein+, Whole 30, paleo, low carb, vegan and keto. They use organic ingredients, including grass fed and free range animal products.

Meals are slightly cheaper than Territory at $10-16.

Current discount is $20 off your first week.


Prepared meals, snacks, sides, juices, and “wellness shots.”

Delivery to CA, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, NY and Philadelphia. Other locations are coming soon.

Thistle describes themselves as ‘plant forward.’ They offer bowls, salads, and plates with some great variety — which really stands out in comparison to some of the other options because who isn’t tired of chicken breast and green beans! Meat proteins can be added to most dishes for an additional charge. Something else we love about Thistle is that deliveries are made in an insulated grocery bag, so there is much less waste than some of the other companies. Just leave it out at your next delivery and they reuse the bag.

Meals range from $10-16.

Current offer $100 off over 4 weeks.


Prepared meals plus add ons such as egg bites, smoothies, desserts and extra protein.

Delivery to continental US.

Meal options include keto, calorie smart (500 cals or less), vegan, veggie and protein plus (30g+ of protein). Whereas other companies may offer ‘keto-friendly’ options, Factor’s meals are pretty squarely keto, at about 12g carb/meal or about 9g net carbs/meal. You may not get into ketosis eating 3 of these each day but 2 could likely be ok. There are also combinations of options such as keto calorie smart or keto protein plus. Do check the sodium content if this is a concern for you.

Meals $11-13 depending on quantity.

Current discount 50% of first order.

LoCal Foodz

Unfortunately LoCal Foodz is only available in the Bay Area, however, it is worth mentioning due to the great flexibility that they offer — and the fact that many of our Enara members do live in this area! Meals can be chosen from a selected menu if you’re the kind of person that gets overwhelmed with too many options. Or a la carte — where even the portion sizes and number of carbs are flexible. Filters are available for many dietary plans, restrictions and allergies. They also sell bulk protein and veggies by the pound.

Prices vary too much on all of these factors to list a price — check it out and receive 10% off your first order.


Prepared meals, treats, beverages and breakfasts.

Delivers to most of the continental US.

CookUnity describes itself as a community of chefs. Meals can be filtered for low carbs, less than 600 calories (which is a helpful option, some of the meals from this site are well over 1000 calories!) gluten-free, dairy-free and low sodium — one of the few services I found that does filter for lower sodium levels. One of the main complaints from meal delivery customers is that they get tired of the same meals over and over again. Even when menus are rotated, there is a similar feel to many of the meals. CookUnity will likely provide the most variety of any of the services due to the number of chefs creating the meals. There is a global cuisine section, currently highlighting dishes inspired by MIddle Eastern, Korean, Indian, and Thai flavors, as well as seasonal, local, and healthy options.

Meals go from $10-14/serving.

Current deal 30% of first order.


Hungryroot is a complete grocery delivery and quick meal prep service in one. Rather than recipes with all the ingredients, meals are offered containing pre-prepped items that can be easily thrown together (like our TJ’s easy meal blog post). Recipes and groceries can be filtered by cook time, calories, allergies, and dietary restrictions.

Delivery to the continental US.

Cost varies widely depending on order.

Good Eggs

Similar to Hungryroot, but ‘curated.’ Good Eggs has a more upscale feel, offering prepared meal options, California produce, gifts, snacks, bakery, etc. You might never need to leave the house again ?. Deliveries throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles but also ships some items nationwide.

Meal Kits

Sunbasket, HelloFresh, and Blue Apron are some of the more well-known meal kit services, although they also offer prepared meals and ready to eat items.

All deliver to most of the continental US. 

Sunbasket has more meal types including paleo, carb-conscious, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, mediterranean, DM friendly, and keto friendly (note the need for the word ‘friendly’ here!). Each category is somewhat limited, so if you are only eating paleo, for example, you might not have a lot of options. Sunbasket is the only meal kit company of the group to emphasize food quality including organic produce and responsibly sourced meat and seafood. 

Sunbasket meal kits start at $11.25/serving, prepared meals start at $9.99/serving. 

Blue Apron offers vegetarian, carb conscious and 600 calories or less options. 

Blue Apron is the most affordable meal kit at $7.99-11.99/serving.

HelloFresh offers Family-Friendly, and Quick and Easy options, as well as Vegetarian, Fit and Wholesome and Pescatarian.

HelloFresh runs about $9.79/serving depending on number of meals and serving size.

Home Chef (owned by HelloFresh) allows you select certain dietary preferences upon signing up, such as carb-conscious, calorie-conscious, and vegetarian. You can also select any allergens or other foods that you would like to avoid, out of pork, beef, poultry, fish, shellfish, mushrooms, tree nuts, peanuts, and sesame. During the meal selection process, you can also order meals free from soy, wheat, and milk. Along with meal kits, Home Chef has several meals that are oven-ready or require little to no cooking or preparation.

Depending on the quantity ordered, Home Chef typically costs $9.99-$11.99/serving before any discounts.

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