Enara is now serving all of California, Texas, and Illinois with our Virtual Care Teams

As the coronavirus outbreak evolves, the need to optimize our nutrition and fitness has never been greater. Today we are announcing an early expansion of our telehealth program to cover the states of Texas, California, and Illinois. Our goal is to give Americans access to our world renowned and leading weight loss program from their homes during the COVID outbreak. People will be able to connect with a team of doctors, dietitians, and exercise specialists from their mobile phones and computers.

How can your overall health impact your ability to fight viruses?

Numerous studies have shown that nutrition, activity, and stress management play a vital role in our immune defense against  respiratory viruses and our goal is to help Americans get into optimal health to fight the virus. Rather than viewing healthy eating, exercise and stress relief as something to be dealt with after this acute crisis is over, we need to  reframe these practices as important prevention strategies.

Americans Are Physically and Mentally Unfit to Fight a Viral Pandemic

My dad made a Costco run a few days ago. Shocked by the crowd and lines he snapped a picture and sent it over to our group chat. As I scanned the photo, my first thought was that these lines were quite a perfect way to spread this virus. As I carefully examined the picture, I was able to quickly recognize that as Americans we are also not prepared to fight a viral outbreak…

Four Evidence-Based Actions You Can Take Right Now to Help Fight COVID 19

It is easy to feel helpless during our current COVID-19 crisis. Our schedules are changing, our routine is out of our control, we may be taking on new roles such as teacher and caretaker, and it can feel like your weight or eating habits are the last thing on your “to do” list. However, health should be the utmost priority right now…