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Checkout the variety of group experiences we offer at our Enara Studio. Visit the Enara studio to sweat at a workout class, cook with a chef at cooking demo, taste and learn about healthy food in one of our tasting events, and more.

Current studio experiences

Exercise & Workout

Let’s ensure that you’re getting enough physical activity to complement your diet. Our exercise trainers run a wide variety of weekly workout experiences to help you build and maintain your muscles, lose fat, and promote an active lifestyle. Join us at our Gym for a group workout!

Food & Nutrition

Enara has a passion for food and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on a whole food philosophy. We are constantly striving to empower our Enara community members to equip themselves with evidence-based knowledge and hands-on skills to live a healthy lifestyle. These group experiences are an opportunity to learn more about food and nutrition through interactive classes, food tastings and demonstrations. Check out the group experiences we have!


Many of us face different challenges with our current lifestyles. Come join us as we learn how to manage and overcome these challenges through an array of group experiences that include classes, guest speakers and special events focused on self-care and self-improvement.

Medical Experiences

Coming soon!

Exercise & Workouts

Intro to Strength Training

Losing weight is not just about shedding the pounds, we want to make sure you are losing fat and not muscle. Strength training is a vital part of this! This class will teach you the basics and importance of strength training and to give you a well-rounded Enara experience.

Beginner Resistance Training Class

Resistance training can be a daunting challenge for first timers. This class will show you the basic forms and techniques for successful and safe resistance training.

Flexibility & Mobility

Your muscles can develop tension and tightness and we need to learn how to alleviate these problems. Mastering flexibility and mobility will maintain your muscles at their optimal length, which will allow you to perform exercises better and avoid injury! Watch as your daily aches and muscle pains disappear as you increase your flexibility.

Workout Strategies


In this class we will do a variety of TRX (total resistance) exercises and workouts. You will need to be at an intermediate fitness level for this class. We will also be adding in other exercises including HIIT exercises, dumbells, Tonal, stability balls, and bands with the main focus on TRX! Join us for a fun comprehensive workout!

Forms & Techniques

This class reviews many topics ranging from body weight, to TRX, to dumbbell use, to stability ball exercises, and much more. We also welcome questions on any other exercise as well! This class is designed to address your concerns and get you prepared for any of our other Enara exercise classes so we can hit the ground running!

Exercise Support Group

Support group is a safe place for you to share about your exercise experiences with people going through the same thing. Sit down and discuss the struggles, the triumphs, and get motivational tips for how to make fitness part of your regular routine!

Intermediate Resistance Training

This class is for patients who know the basics of resistance training and are ready for a higher intensity workout. Expect an intermediate level workout with approximately 8-12 reps, which is the ideal number for keeping your skeletal muscle mass and burning off the fat.

Advanced Resistance Training

This class offers high intensity resistance training! Heavier weights! Complex movements! 8–10 Reps! This experience is designed for those who already know the forms, techniques, and intensity levels known for max performance for skeletal muscle mass retention. Come ready to be challenged!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This class is designed to boost your metabolism. Switch up your routine from 8-12 reps to more of a power endurance type of workout. We recommend this class for those who are already active with resistance training first, and then taking this class to supplement for the most benefit.

Food & Nutrition

Food Spotlight: Cauliflower

Food Spotlight is a time for an ingredient to shine! Have you seen an ingredient at the grocery market where you weren’t sure of… What it was? How it tasted? How to cook it? This is your chance to try it before you buy it! – Come learn about cauliflower! This vegetable is quite versatile and you’ll be surprised how many ways there are to prepare it. Join us in a tasting of cauliflower fried rice and demo of how to make cauliflower hummus!

Food Spotlight: Ancient Grains

Food Spotlight is a time for an ingredient to shine! Have you seen an ingredient at the grocery market where you weren’t sure of… What it was? How it tasted? How to cook it? This is your chance to try it before you buy it! – We will guide you through the different types of ancient grains and do tastings of them as well!

Seasonal Eating Demo

Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food grown outside of its season. Come learn more about these benefits while we also demo a tasty, easily prepared soup and salad with foods that are grown in the winter.

Clean Eating Demo

Enara believes in a whole food philosophy, where the food we eat should be minimally processed or refined. Join us to learn more about clean eating, ways to practice it and also demo a recipe for you!

Sugar & Healthy Beverages

Sugar is a big culprit in the sweetened beverages we consume. Come learn about the impact of sugar sweetened beverages on our health, what the real deal is with artificial sweeteners, and touch on the hot topic of smoothies and juices. We will also offer tastings of healthy beverage alternatives.

Trader Joe's Easy Prep Meals

Enara has a confession… we love Trader Joe’s! To complement our Trader Joe’s grocery tour, we are now offering demos of how to prepare quick, easy meals with Trader Joe’s ingredients. Join us as we go over different quick prepare meals and demo one for you to taste!


Intuitive & Mindful Eating

Have you ever grabbed for a snack just because you knew it was right there and not because you were hungry? Or have you ever overstuffed yourself because you didn’t want that leftover food to go to a waste? If you responded yes to either of those or struggle with similar challenges with food – this class may be beneficial to you. We will discuss what is means to eat intuitively, provide tips and a demonstration on mindful eating.

Sleep and Stress

Coming soon!