Our Providers

We are a team of obesity specialists, dietitians, exercise specialists, physical therapists, and more. Scroll down to learn more about each provider.

Our Providers

Meet Our Amazing Medical Provider Team

Yazen Joudeh, MD

Obesity Specialist | Illinois

"My passion is to help people achieve healthier lifestyles and weight and to improve weight-related comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease."

Rami Bailony, MD, M.S

Obesity Specialist | California

"The scale is not the problem. The problem is the stigma we as a society place on people with increased weight driven by the misconception that our weight is somehow a representation of our character. We need to move away from judging ourselves by our weight. It’s a number, its reminder, it’s something we track but it does not tell you the whole story.It certainly does not tell you what a marvelous or wonderful person you are. When people ask me what we do at Enara, I often say we help people manage their weight but more importantly we help them see past their weight. "

Danielle Cortez, RD, CSOWM

Director of Nutrition | California

"I’ve had to keep a close eye on my weight all of my life and was grateful to turn my passion for food and nutrition into a career. I find obesity fascinating from a scientific perspective, working with patients to reach their health goals personally rewarding, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else anywhere but Enara."


Viveca Taylor, MPH, RD

Dietitian | California

"My aim as a provider is to help patients develop a style of eating that they enjoy and that honors their health goals. I love Enara’s “whole food” approach to weight loss because it really encourages people to develop a food routine that is both nutritious and (more importantly) sustainable. As someone with an academic background in public health, much of my degree was oriented around the importance of preventive healthcare, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see that firsthand everyday."


Daisha Bonhomme, MS, CHWC, CPT

Health Coach | Texas, Illinois

"As a health coach, I strive to help all of my patients reach their ideal vision of health and wellness. It is my honor to help all of my patients make sustainable behavior changes that fit their lifestyles and ultimately become their best selves! "


Tony Ricci

Exercise Specialist | California

"It is my life’s mission and greatest passion to help others discover how much success and enjoyment one can experience with exercise and physical activity. Providing care and motivation to help people enrich their lives in a fun and effective manner is my favorite aspect of working in this field. "


Samad Khan, MD

Family Medicine | Texas

"Integrating Enara’s weight loss program into my primary care practice has allowed me and the Wellhealth team to help our patients reverse chronic disease. "


Kathy Conery, MSN, RN

Dietitian | California

"It is my goal and my honor to guide people in finding their own motivation to follow the path to optimal wellness. Over the years that has included massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition. Because we eat multiple times every day, food is truly our foundational medicine - so we might as well use that to our advantage! Feed yourself well, enjoy your food, and listen to your body as it will tell you what is working and what isn’t. As a mother of two teenagers, I can also relate to the joys and the struggles that arise around feeding yourself and your family. "


Patrice McMoon, PA

Physician Assistant | California

"As a Physician’s Assistant for over 13 years, I really enjoy helping patients find the best ways to achieve their personal health goals. I consider us to be a team: patients are experts on themselves and I am more like a trusted friend who knows a lot about medicine. We have a lot of fun doing the serious work of reversing chronic diseases."


Amy Ingersoll, PA

Physician Assistant | California

"There is nothing I love more than working with an individual to help them to understand the science behind weight and to work with them to remove the barriers keeping them from their healthiest weight for their best life. Looking beyond the scale, it is inspiring to work with individuals to focus on improvement and prevention of so many chronic conditions affected by carrying excess weight."

Ese' Abokede Headshot

Ese' Abokede, MD

Obesity Medicine Specialist | Minnesota

"Being an obesity medicine specialist gives me the opportunity to work with patients to take control of their health and reduce cardiovascular risks and other weight related comorbidities."

Natalie Kernan

Natalie Kernan, HC

Health Coach | Minnesota

"Growing up I found that food was the best medicine for many of my health conditions and I love that I now get to help others feel better using food. As a health coach I get so excited to see my patients achieve their goals and go on to live a healthier lifestyle. When I am not working you may find me with my two little girls out walking, cooking something up in the kitchen, or working out!"


Lydia Alexander, MD

Obesity Specialist | California

"Being a weight loss specialist is absolutely the best career choice I could ever make. In medical school, I dreamed of helping improve the health of patients when I finished my training. In residency, I often treated patients who had just suffered heart attacks, strokes, or needed dialysis. This always left me wondering what their stories were prior to such devastating events and with the desire to help before these serious health problems developed. As part of Enara, this is exactly what I get to do - Helping my patients achieve a healthier weight reverses diabetes, prediabetes, improves cholesterol, mobility, sleep, blood pressure and more. "

Bridget Petrowsky, PA

Physician Assistant | Texas, Illinois, California

"I am passionate about healthy living and take a holistic approach in helping patients achieve their long term health goals. I enjoy building relationships with patients and working with them to make positive changes. I believe by addressing nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and social connections, patients can become empowered to live happier, healthier lives. "


Stephanie Chen, RD

Dietitian | California

"I became a Registered Dietitian to combine my love for food with my passion for healthy living. I enjoy all things wellness and beauty - especially if it’s also eco-friendly and sustainable. When I’m not working, you can find me hiking or exploring while catching Pokémon, or occasionally enjoying the thrill of a roller coaster ride."


Dana Ilvedson, RD

Dietitian | California

"Growing up as an active kid and food lover, I was excited to combine my passions for health and nutrition by becoming a registered dietitian. I enjoy the unique opportunity at Enara of developing long-lasting relationships with my patients, and having the chance to watch them make real lifestyle and behavioral changes that are sustainable. Outside of work, I enjoy being creative in the kitchen, staying active, and traveling (and eating!) all over the world."


Andrea Pollema, MD

Obesity Specialist | California | Minnesota

"I have a passion to assist patients on their journey to better health. I enjoy equipping people with tools so they can reverse chronic conditions, reduce their medications, and regain control of their lives."


Michael Shelver, MS

Exercise Physiologist | California

"As an exercise physiologist, I am passionate about working with patients to establish a lifelong exercise plan based on effective and evidence-based workouts. I enjoy continually interacting with my patients to increase their exercise knowledge and help achieve their optimal fitness goals."


Nick Leonardo, RD

Dietitian | California

"As a dietitian, I believe in an individualized and whole foods approach. I was drawn to Enara as these are the focal points of the programs offered. It is my goal to help patients formulate and implement sustainable changes which can last a lifetime. When I’m not working, you can find me at a baseball game, or watching one on TV and wishing I was there."


Dalia Siada, RD

Dietitian | California

"As a registered dietitian and self-proclaimed foodie, I am in constant pursuit of finding the optimal balance of delicious and healthful foods. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of food and nutrition to improve the lives of others and give them the tools to help them achieve their health goals."


Roopal Pujara Lalaji, PsyD

Doctor of Psychology | California

"Working with individuals determined to better understand and address their relationship with food and weight has been the focus of my career, from my internship training to present day. Helping clients build motivation, insight, engage in behavioral change, and strive towards a healthier mind and body continues to be an incredible privilege. I look forward to working with you. "

Kirill Shumilov headshot

Kirill Shumilov, MS

Exercise Specialist | Minnesota

"Hello I'm Kirill. I am an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist who holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I have been in the fitness industry since 2015. Beginning my career as a personal trainer then progressing to a metabolic specialist and member on-boarding manager. Upon completion of my Master's degree I've been employed as an Exercise Physiologist in a progressive healthcare hospital system. I am passionate about helping people improve and regain their physical strength and functioning. "

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