Mayra July 2020

Rockstar of the Month: July 2020

Meet our July Rockstar, Mayra!

After years of focusing on exercise, I knew I needed to do something different to drop the extra pounds that were making my active lifestyle challenging. A friend of mine recommended Enara after I told her I had exhausted all my known options. I was focusing all of my energy on losing weight, but the scale wasn’t budging so I knew this was more of a knowledge challenge than a motivation or focus challenge. 

I joined Enara with a strict 5x a week crossfit and running workout, as well as, a vast repertoire of “healthy” recipes since I love to cook. Because I wanted to build a lifetime habit that was sustainable and was lucky to not have any underlying health issues, I opted for the Stepwise program where we change one habit at a time versus the VLCD (very low calorie diet) program. I quickly started learning some things about nutrition, habits and health that have made all the difference:

  • Not everyone burns 2,000 calories a day. Knowing what your body uses for energy while at rest is really helpful for updating your mental model of what a portion is for you.
  • The art of not beating yourself up. Before, I was focusing a lot on the “feeling” of losing weight via strenuous activity. Working with Enara helped me update my nutrition and exercise routine so that I didn’t need to exercise in excess to lose weight. 
  • Nutrition education. Dana and the Enara app helped me learn about how to choose food options that not only were healthy, but kept me satisfied for longer and had less calories than comparable options. I have a lot of energy and don’t feel like I’m sacrificing my love of cooking and exploring new recipes.
  • Habit Building. This was extremely important for my busy lifestyle. Before Enara, I would lose weight for a few weeks, then completely stop when I had a big work project, volunteer commitment, or vacation because I hadn’t built a routine. Now I feel empowered to return to my healthy habits whenever anything shifts my priorities. This proved extremely helpful during the huge lifestyle shift the pandemic has forced us into.

I started with Enara in May 2019 and lost 60+ pounds since then. It’s been great to have candid conversations with Dana, my dietitian, on the current goals based on what’s going on in my life -sometimes we focus on weight loss, while other times we focus on maintaining. This has made the experience with Enara feel extremely personalized and maintainable for the long run. I feel like I am much more successful and have the resources I need to achieve a healthy weight. I’m so thankful to have found Enara to partner with. I owe a big shout out to Dana and Leticia for their guidance and attention!

Mayra lost 25% of her body weight:

Mayra’s Percent Body Fat:

  • PBF (Percent Body Fat) is the percentage of your body that is made up of fat. Everything else is usually referred to as “lean tissue.” This gives a more accurate representation of health, fitness and leanness.

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