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Empower your employees with a scientifically tailored wellness program that delivers real long term results, 15-20% sustained weight loss to be exact 

On average obesity increases health costs by over $4500 per year

We can help

A weight loss clinic that delivers healthy outcomes for life.

average weight loss sustained over two years
mg/dl drop in cholesterol

of patients* achieve an A1c below 6.5
of patients* get off of insulin

* of patients with type 2 diabetes

Insurance friendly

Your insurance carriers, we accept them

and many more being added

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Complimentary In-Body Pop-up Clinic

Who your team will meet with

Doctor Physician Assistant A doctor, physician assistant, dietitian, personal trainer, and chef all under one roof.

Physician assistant
Registered dietitian
Personal trainer

Give your employees a benefit that delivers outcomes for life

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Enara Clinic
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