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Enara Health is a unique bias free, scientifically proven weight and health management platform. Referring your patients is easy and drives long term results

Insurance friendly

Your patients insurance carriers, we accept them

and many more being added

We like to think that people suffering from obesity have no willpower...that it’s their fault, rather than a deficiency in hunger and satiety hormones and signals.

Dr. Rami Bailony

We can help

A weight loss clinic that delivers health outcomes for life.

average weight loss sustained over two years
mg/dl drop in cholesterol

of patients* achieve an A1c below 6.5
of patients* get off of insulin

* of patients with type 2 diabetes

How the referral process works

It's easy for you to refer & easy for your patients to start

Refer online

Referring you patients is easy. Filling out a few short questions in a HIPAA compliant form will get the process started, and the patient journey underway.

Fast on-boarding

We will reach out to your patients, explain the program, get them setup with a provider visit and all appropriate labs.

Regular feedback

We will send you regular feedback on the progress of your patients through the program, and any challenges the might be experiencing.

We'll come to you

Schedule a lunch & learn in the convenience of your clinic

Who your patients will meet with

A doctor, physician assistant, dietitian, personal trainer, and chef all under one roof.

Physician assistant
Registered dietitian
Personal trainer

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